18 September, 2008


Well I was wondering how long it would be until somebody noticed I've been gone and Erin K. actually called me this morning so I figured I should maybe post at least a little something so you all know I'm alive. The truth is, the weather has been iffy these last couple weeks and we've been wanting to spend as much time enjoying it as possible. Also, my parents are coming either later tonight or tomorrow, so we've been busy trying to get things ready and do some tidying, etc.

Beyond that, I really feel at a loss for things to post about. It seems like nothing really exciting it happening around here and I feel like this blog is directionless. I need to fix that. In the meantime, here are a few tidbits of minor interest that aren't important enough to warrant their own post, but I will include here nevertheless.

The Little Goat is still not walking on her own, but can give kisses and high-fives and is waving and dancing like crazy. She also appears to be in the beginning stages of learning to throw tantrums. Speaking of....I'll be back. Okay, well that's over....and now it's several hours later and the LG is napping peacefully and I just talked to my parents and they'll be here in five or so hours. GACK! We weren't sure if they were coming today or tomorrow and I guess now we know which means I have to skeedaddle and keep up the cleaning, which means no itemized list of non-posty post thoughts.

While I was gone, I did think of something I've been meaning to do which is update that little list over there on the side that links to all the great blogs I read (speaking of: slow down, you guys! My Google Reader says 60 and I can't keep up!!). I've got quite a few to add to that list that I KNOW you guys will love.

Thanks for stopping by, I do miss you guys and I miss reading your blogs - maybe while my parents are here I'll have more time to catch up while they babysit! Hmm.... Hope you all have a great weekend!

02 September, 2008

New Wheels

Well we actually had a BUSY weekend for once. *gasp* I know, I know, try to contain your shock!

On Saturday we drove down to this place about four hours from here and bought a car from this old bachelor chap. We bought a Subaru Outback, a '97 so nothing new or anything. It stinks like dog inside so I told Mr. J. I won't drive it or ride in it until we get the upholstery cleaned which is hopefully happening this weekend. So we are a two-car family for the moment. We will sell old RubySu at some point though....because we still have to pay for this crazy pellet stove.

Sunday we went to church and then out for lunch, then to the walmarts for a grocery shopping trip and because we needed to avoid our house until after 2pm because it was being shown. It was also shown on Saturday morning and it is now so 'clean' and 'clutter-free' it's almost annoying but it means I have almost nothing to 'do' to it which I should appreciate. Mostly, the clutter is hidden in places...and then of course, I can't find anything. Sunday evening we went over to H&C's for a little Rock Band which was great. We also found out that while they're in NC on vacation for the next two weeks, C has a job interview which may mean they'll be moving sooner than we'll be and then we'll have no friends here to hang out with. So....we want him to get the job...but maybe he can start it sometime next year.....

On Monday, it being the holiday, we slept late-ish and made Southern Pancakes and eggs for breakfast. The LG LOVES pancakes! Then we got ready and went to the State Park closest to us. I'm kind of annoyed that we never realized what a little gem of a park it is, but it feels like we've never really had time to go anyway. The 'beach' has no sand and walls of black plastic all along it with three entrances; it's to keep the geese off the grass. After our completely HELL-like hike, however, who cares about a funny-looking beach - the water felt SO good on my feet! The hike though? Seriously horrid! It was 3/4 mile up to the South Peak and it was so freaking steep! Steep to the point where we were climbing rocks to get up there. The view was great, mind you, but good grief! I thought I was going to die! Mr. J. was carrying the LG in the carrier and I just had a regular backpack so I don't have half as much to complain about as he does except he hardly complained at all. Anyway, once at the top, Mr. J. didn't want to try going down that trail carrying the LG so we were going to walk between peaks (south and north) and then back down to the parking lot b/c the north peak trail was supposed to be less steep. Hah! The only difference was that it had a FEW less rocks. There was one part where we had to break off the trail and follow these pink tags on the trees because there was a huge ground-hornet nest in the middle of the trail. Anyway, we made it and the views were good and Mr. J. told me he was very proud of me and all that. It was our first 'real' hike in two years (sad, but true) so of course we picked the worst trail possible and whoever made those trails had no concept of making switchbacks so the trail would be easier and less steep. We rewarded ourselves with our foot-dip in the lake and later with ice cream (cause you know we had to replace all those calories we had just burned. ) Har!

So here are some pictures from our trip down to get our 'new' car, RubyTwo, and a couple from our hike. I'll have to add more later when the pics from Mr. J.'s camera get uploaded.

RubyTwo! And there's no doubt this time - she's RED.

The Little Goat with Dad at the Ocean.

The Ocean, as seen from the Coast of Maine.

The ever-elusive SmokeButt Fish hiding out in a tide pool.


Yes, that is the trail we 'walked' up.

But the view from the top was great!

Taking a break by the lake after our hike.