20 March, 2010

Nine Months Already!

Squawky was nine months this past Tuesday. I can hardly believe that much time has gone by already. The Little Goat, of course, marked her two years and nine months milestone. Just as cute, but only willing to be photographed as her alter-ego "Penguin Banquet."

And because I know you love some gratuitous cuteness:

08 March, 2010

Amor Patriae

The Olympics are finally over (we won some gold medals, did you know?) and it was quite the whirlwind two weeks of addictive sports viewing. The Little Goat has discovered skiing...at least vicariously for now. Last week she saw a huge mound of snow in a parking lot and told me she wanted to "go skiing on that hill. Grampa hode you." I chortled my reply, "No dear, as funny as that would be, Grampa doesn't ski. He'll hold you when you go skating though!"

Speaking of, yesterday was her last skate of the season (it's finally getting too warm out) and LJ said there was really only one good patch of ice left on the rink. The LG kept seeing patches of grass where the ice had melted away: "Hay for the horses! Hay for the horses!"

Let's see if I can put in point form a few other things that have happened since last I was here.

- Squawky has in actual fact, gotten louder. Ikea doesn't need to play birds-of-prey sounds anymore to keep smaller birds from nesting in their parking garages, they just need a recording of Squawky at suppertime. Sheesh! She's also started pulling up on the crib rails, army crawling a little as of late last week, and her first tooth is a week and two days old!

Squawky's first tooth!

- We won some gold medals.

- First tooth = great but also = biting. :(

- We won some gold medals.

- We went to two baby showers, one baby dedication, and one surprise 30th birthday party.
Me holding my newest little cousin! Cute, even when she was crying.

- We won some gold medals.

- My cousin finally got engaged (YAY!)!

- We won some gold medals.

- The last baby in our church small group arrived last Tuesday. A BOY! *gasp* Will he have his pick of girls someday or what!?

- We won some gold medals.

- Lent started and so did our fast from yeast/leaven. We declared a few exceptions though - crackers are still allowed and we are taking a one-day moratoriam for St. Patrick's Day (LJ was more than a little concerned that we were going to have to go without beer on St. P's Day). So far it's been okay but some days....what I wouldn't give for piece of bread and a cookie! Oi!

- We won some gold medals. Did I mention that already?

Now we're looking forward to St. Patrick's Day (Guinness stew and Guinness brownies!), LJ's surgery and subsequent week (off!) of recuperating, the winter fair in my hometown (which is HUGE), and Easter (baskets, bunnies, eggs! Love, The Resurrection, and GRACE!)! And after that? The start of our season of celebration around here which will include several anniversaries, at least six birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and a slew of new babies! And, obviously, continued reveling in all of Canada's gold medals. (You didn't know Canadians could be so immodest, did you?)