29 December, 2006

This'll Only Happen Once

Well, I only get to publish this news once. We'll never have a second first baby to tell you about, so here it is. Confirmation: the rumours are true. (And for those of you still baffled, yes, this was planned.) We are indeed going to have a baby. He/She is due around the end of next June. And yes, we are mostly excited. We do occasionally have days when we sit here and wonder, 'What in the world are we doing??' It's gotten much better since I've started feeling better. The first three months I can only describe as The Blob Months. I felt like an utterly useless, lazy blob. I never dreamed a human being could be so tired and if I hadn't known I was pregnant, I would've been convinced I had some sort of sleeping sickness. At any rate, almost all of you that read this have probably already heard this news so I won't dwell on it, but I AM giving you almost six months notice to find yourself a new blog to read, particularly if you're squeamish about hearing baby stories all the time. Where else will I be able to rant about our cute little alien being - where nobody will offer advice and nobody can tell me to shut up already. Ahh, the sweet world of blogging. :)

In other only slightly less shocking news, it's Friday and we actually have plans tonigh!. Yes! Whoa, easy! It's true so keep your socks on! We're actually going out. We got invited out for dinner and we get to see the newly renovated bathroom at our friends' house. Seriously, they are so excited I promised that as soon as I walk in the house, I'll make a beeline for the bathroom. They are a really cool couple. They just got married last month and since Chris is from Central/South America (I'm forgetting exactly where at the moment), we get to swap lots of 'great' stories about the Department of Homeland Security and how much we 'love' those 'people.'

Also, my cousin just got engaged two weeks ago and the wedding date is set - 28 July. We are SO excited! (So this lucky little baby will be born just in time to head home for his/her first trip to Canada and the most anticipated wedding of 2007! Hooray for Shelley & Randy!!!) What's more, her fiance proposed in a quinzee he built! If you don't know what a quinzee is, then I'm sorry to say, it's not likely you're Canadian, but check out this website: http://www.call-wild.com/quinzee.html

It's been nine days since my last post and you're probably all vastly disappointed that I finally posted something on here and I just go on about weddings and a baby, not even bothering to post a picture of the Holiday Turkey. It came home and it went in the freezer. However, be ye not dismayed. As soon as we have a picture, I'll post one. I asked our friend Wendy how long turkeys keep in the freezer and she said some people keep them for up to a year. So I guess I know what we're having for next Thanksgiving. :)

I suppose I should also include a note about Christmas. Christmas Eve was superb as usual. Luke got the new U218 singles CD from me and I got the new U2 By U2 book from him, so we're happy. Also, new toothbrushes and slippers so we're set for the year! We ended up having a green Christmas (seriously, it could've been March out there), but it did finally snow on the 27th. We had at least four inches that appears at though it will stay now. It's been rather cold the last couple days.

Anyway, Happy Quinzee Building!


Anonymous said...

Dianna tried to leave a comment about those things being Igloos in America. Ha Learn something new every day

Dianna said...

Quinzee? Hmmm learn something new everyday....down here we call them an igloo :>) Glad to hear you are feeling better....You probably needed to catch up on some sleep after a move like you guys just made. Let us know when the strawberries and pickles start! Poor Luke. Midnight trips to the store or hopefully the kitchen refrig. Happy New Year, Dianna and Earnie

Joel K. said...

Good quinzhee link, Brenda. Just thought I'd elaborate a bit:


Quinzhee (also "quinzie"): a shelter created by piling up snow, letting it settle, and then hollowing out the interior. [Athapaskan, = 'bowl-shaped depression in snow; shelter']

Igloo (also "iglu"): a dome-shaped Inuit dwelling built of blocks of snow. [Inuktitut, = 'house']

Thank you for your attention. Resume fun winter-time activities.

Joel K. in Roland, Manitoba (which just received a foot of snow overnight)

bren j. said...

A foot of snow? good grief! We only got about two inches yesterday and today it's windy and melting.

Thanks for elaborating on the definition of a quinzee vs. an igloo. I should have known it would cause some confusion in the original post. Oh well, Luke is looking forward to having enough snow to make one. :S

Shelley said...

Yeppers! We're getting hitched...and I couldn't be happier that my two dear cousins and their kidlet will be there to celebrate with us! So happy that you guys are coming out. And obviously your mom told you the date, so that's great.
The quinzee was fabulous....unique idea hey? I really didn't know how he was going to pull off a unique proposal in winter, in Winkler...but Randy did it, and I probably shouldn't be suprised, that kid has spunk.
Ok, well I'm looking forward to seeing you in a month! Love you guys lots,