13 August, 2009


What? You demand more pictures? You demand more update?


The weekend after LJ's parents left we headed out to my hometown for the wedding of an old friend of mine. We haven't seen each other in person since the LJ and I got married seven years ago. Good times! The wedding was fun and it was so great to reconnect with her even if we didn't get to visit that much. She didn't even mind that I inadvertently wore a sweater pretty much the exact shade of the bridesmaids dresses. Oops!

This past Friday, LJ and I went on a DATE. That's right, Friends, an actual DATE. To be fair, the Squawk Box had to accompany us, but she was pretty quiet most of the time. We put the Little Goat to bed at around nine and my cousin Shelley came over at 9:30 and LJ and I headed to the drive-in to see Up! If you haven't seen this movie yet, get ye to the theater! It's wondeful! Of course, I'm breastfeeding and hormonal so I cried a couple times, but the story was really sweet and quite funny. Very family-friendly.

On Saturday we got one of the best treats of all! Our very dear friends from WA, Forrest and Carole came out for an overnight visit. Shortly after the LJ and I got married, my parents met Forrest and Carole and they all hit it off and became fast friends. My Dad gave Forrest the special assignment of looking out for me and making sure LJ and I were doing all right. Well they've since become very dear friends of ours and like parents to me. We even lived in their basement for six weeks before we moved out to Maine; during which time my parents came to visit for two weeks and stayed with them too and it was like one nearly perfect party! Anyway, they've also become good friends with my parents and so spent three nights with them in my hometown too.

One of the Squawk Box's middle names is in honour of Carole and it was so sweet for them to meet. Fun was had, pictures were taken, and we can hardly wait until we get to see them again!

My friend Mel and me.
Check out the double-chin on this kid!

Not-so-double-chinned (and sitting with Grampa, by the way).

The Little Goat with, uh, a little goat.

Showing Grandpa Forrest & Grandma Carole what's in her purse.

Our girls with our friends. *sigh*

See that? Do you see it? It's a SMILE!

See THAT? It's laughing!


Jess said...

Your kids are so cute! And also, I thought it was great that some of our wedding guests wore purple like the bridesmaids. The more of my favorite color, the better!

Brenda said...

Oh I'm so glad you posted some pics. She has certianly filled out:) And I can't belive how big and grown up the LG looks! Wow!