02 February, 2010

What? Deep thoughts? From me?!


It turns out January is ALREADY OVER which I find a little hard to believe. We had a great two weeks at my parent's place...except for the fact that Squawky hardly slept the first week and improved very little in that department the second week. The Little Goat had, in two weeks, only one truly successful day of potty training so we're not really any further on that front either.
I, on the other hand (because it's all about me, right?) actually got to go hang out with my friend Chandra. We went to an actual theater (my first theater movie in a LONG time!) and saw Leap Year and then went and shared some tasty cheesecake. All without children!

This month, we're going to be working on some organizational projects around here, particularly the girls' room. I should take before-and-after pictures. It looks just awful after the little we sorted this morning. There are boxes and piles of clothes all over the floor. The time has come though because we moved Squawky out of our room (HALLELUJAH!) and her stuff needs to be sorted into her dresser instead of being in a heap in a laundry basket, which means we may as well sort EVERYTHING all at once. So, she and the LG are officially sharing a room and so far, it's going pretty well.

Oh yes! Squawky started solids at the beginning of January which really consisted of trying applesauce in tiny portions twice. Then we quit until we were at my parent's. We tried applesauce one night and banana the next. Then applesauce again. Mom and I determined it really wasn't doing anything for her sleeping and seemed to be making her ill so we ended that. But yesterday morning I fed her some oatmeal cereal with fruit and it was a hit. The brown rice at suppertime was an even bigger hit! At first I was annoyed because I thought I had mixed way too much and would just end up throwing it away, but I momentarily forgot who we were feeding. She practically inhaled it! I'm attributing her slightly better night to her fuller belly. She actually had a three-hour stretch!

Enough of that. You're here for the pictures, I know.

Getting ready to go skating!

First time skating! She's really Canadian now!

Squawky stayed inside with Grama.

The LG wearing the "scarsp" she made with Grama.


EG said...

What?! LG looks so grown up in the picture where she's wearing leggings! Like a 5-year-old!

Jess said...

Aww, such a gorgeous family! Still can't believe how old LG looks, though.

Anonymous said...

Must be the name that makes them look old for their age, eh?

Sounds like you had a good month, aside from sleeping issues. I'm hoping we'll start getting Anja potty trained one of these days. :) She regularly asks to go pee on the potty and then goes as soon as she sits on it (probably once or twice a day), but she hasn't pooped on it since before she turned two. Sigh...