21 November, 2006

Missing Canada

So surfing the internet tonight, I came across this great new blog by a lady in Ontario (she's funny, so we'll forgive her for being from ON). Anyway, she referenced this article from the National Post about Canada's favourite treats. So I thought I'd share the link so you all can feel sorry for us missing our favourite Canadian goodies.

For Luke's birthday in 12 days, I'll be making the big drive (okay, two miles) to NB for McCain Deep 'n' Delicious chocolate cake. We can hardly wait. Maybe I'll get two.

Anyway, check out the article and see if you agree!



Anonymous said...

Hey Bren -

Thanks for the link. I seem to recall that the Nanaimo bars we ate in Nanaimo on Prov choir tour were not very good...


bren j. said...

Indeed! But it's like Luke keeps saying: Just because you're Chinese doesn't mean you can cook Chinese food and have it taste like anything!

Anonymous said...

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