02 November, 2006

The News

Sorry it's been so long between posts. Either there hasn't been much to tell or we're slacking. Probably we're slacking.
So in this week's news, we bought a house. The sale closed on Tuesday and our real estate agent even left us a present - windchimes. (Do you think they still bring 'health and happiness' if they're used stictly for decorative purposes?) It's not in PI and we'll have a new address - again. I'll pass it along to KB and my Mom. Feel free to get it from either of them.

Also, we got this great surprise in the mail from WA! Check it out! A whole giant box of Spitzenburgs. Luke is in apple heaven! Thank you Rest Awhile Fruit Stand - we miss you AND your fruit!!

As for the Church-Hunt. No new post on that this week. We went to Bethany again and it looks like we might stay there for a while and give it a go. We were finally able to hear the Pastor preach on Sunday (he's been away) and it was pretty good. Topical, but still okay. He's also started this box in the back of the foyer where you can ask any question and he'll try to answer it - either in the bulletin or in a sermon. "No question is too controversial." Hm. I'll have to think of one. Also, one of Luke's coworkers (whose house we were at for a little get-together last Friday) was at church on Sunday night. Of course, we missed her, but I guess she really liked it and is planning on going back.

Anyway, at the risk of this getting both long AND boring, I'm stopping here. When we have something really exciting to show you (we're still trying to get a couple of pictures of a few things) we'll post again. For now, we're moving, so don't expect too many posts in the next week. And again, if any of you have questions or are curious about anything regarding the great state of Maine, post a question in the comments section and we'll see what we can do. And yes, that is just really a ploy for more comments!


Anonymous said...

good to hear you got a new house, congratulations!

Your favorite Manitoba Liberal

bren j. said...

thanks CRAIG....
sorry to blow your cover. ;)

Dad.-- said...

Question for you Brenda. How far is it from Brandon MB. to Ft. Fairfield MI?-in Kilometers.