28 August, 2007

Because We're Lame Like That

The Husband and I like to come up with funny superheroes from time to time and we imagine conversations one might have with them. The Mumbler is one of my personal favourites (modeled after the Husband), but our most recent creation is The Googler. So without further adieu, may I present:

"Eavesdropping On a Conversation
Between a Concerned Citizen and The Googler"

CC: Oh! The Googler! You're just in time! There are two goldfish trapped in a bowl on the window ledge of that burning building!

The Googler: Fish? Trapped? Burning Building? Just a moment while I figure out what to do....Now let's see, "goldfish + bowl + window + fire....." Fried goldfish!? No, no, that won't do. "Goldfish + window".....Come on, I'm feeling lucky. Stained-glass goldfish? Ack!

...And so, two goldfish meet there firey fate. If only The Googler didn't have so many answers.


Beck said...

It's better than back in the late 90s, when EVERY. SINGLE. SEARCH. resulted in tons of porn hits. Ick!

Instant oatmeal is the stuff that comes in little packets and that you pour boiling water on to reconstitute. It's been pre-cooked and you can't bake with it. QUICK oatmeal has been cut into finer pieces than the regular kind, so it cooks... quicker. If your oatmeal is called Quick and not INSTANT, you're good to go.

erin k said...

Umm, you guys are weird.

I still love you though.

nomotherearth said...

Now that would be a conversation the husband and I would have! Funny.

bubandpie said...

I'm married to a Mumbler myself. Never thought of the superhero possibilities, though it IS a kind of mutant power.

bren j. said...

B&P: Mumbling: It's the power of confusion.