31 August, 2007

Would You Like Some Spice With That?

All this week, the Husband has been getting up rather.....later than usual. Late rising often leaves him with a decidedly rushed morning schedule. This morning was worse than usual; with a 15 minute drive to work and maybe 16 minutes until he was supposed to be there.

On these mornings, breakfast-to-go has to be a little creative. Today, he wasn't interested in his usual container of cereal with soymilk along in a separate container, to be consumed whenever time permits after he's arrived at work. So I proposed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The Husband: Sure! That sounds good.

Bren J.: Grab me the grape jelly?

The Husband: There's not much left in here.

Bren J.: How about plum? There's plum in the cupboard.

Bren J. spreads on the peanut butter and rushes to open the plum jelly. After smearing some over the peanut butter...

Bren J.: Wait a minute. I don't think this is plum...

The Husband: What?

Bren J.: Here, taste....I think it's hot pepper jelly.

The Husband: You know, I think it is.


So, thanks Mom, for labeling that jar. I didn't realize plum jelly and hot pepper jelly look exactly the same. And yes, I scraped off as much of the 'plum' as possible and used apricot-pineapple instead. Phew!

Additionally, it must be noted that The Husband has never, until now, known the 'proper' way to assemble a peanut butter and jelly sandwich: Each slice of bread much be separately spread (read: slathered) with peanut butter BEFORE the jelly is added, otherwise, you get some soggy jellyfied bread. Ugh.

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