18 September, 2007


I've actually had time to be a little busy in the last few days. The Husband (he prefers having the word "The" in front of his moniker until such time as I can think of a creative/catchy bloggy nickname for him) and I cleaned like crazy on Saturday and got a lot done. He finished installing ceiling tiles in our spare bedroom in anticipation of my parents arrival today. Only my Mom just called from Vermont to say they'd be in tomorrow sometime instead. Seems they did some, er, backwoods exploring late last night. We can relate.

Anyway, I thought I'd show you a few pictures of what I've been up to. Broadcasting it further gives me a sense of accomplishment in the Mom Department. Not that any of the canning happened in great quantities, but still.

Saturday: Bread & Butter pickles - those black things are peppercorns. The recipe called for too many of them!

Monday: That, my friends, is lemon curd. My all time favourite topping for almost anything!
(Canned before 7:30am yesterday morning.)

Monday: Cookies for The Husband's work potluck/baby shower lunch tomorrow.

Also Monday: I have ALWAYS wanted to learn how to fold towels like that and finally last night I had the time to figure it out!

Sunday: The Spare Bedroom, all ready. Leaving a basket (or in this case a bread bowl) of goodies in the Spare Room is a tradition my Mom started. A welcome basket of treats! And yes, the paint on the walls is called Lemon Spritz, and yes, it's blinding (!), because, yes, The Husband thought my Buttercream colour craving was too pale.*

*And yes, we're painting over it. Hah!


nomotherearth said...

Wow, colour me impressed. I don't have time to do any of those things. It taking me weeks to overhaul the Boy's Big Boy Bedroom.

I'm still not done.

erin k said...

You, with the three month old, are putting the rest of us to shame. (Although I did manage to bake an apple crisp this afternoon, with apples from our own tree!)

Enjoy the visit with your folks. Your spare room looks very fancy. My parents are relegated to the futon in the basement...

bren j. said...

Ahhh....hand-me-down furniture....that's the trick.

Send me some of that apple crisp, okay?

Space Monkey said...

I had a 'Big Boy' room once.
The Mounties told me to,
"knock it off, all right?!"
I did.

Viva the purple jihad.

Beck said...

Your spare bedroom is BEAUTIFUL!
And lemon curd and bread and butter pickles - yum.

bren j. said...

Thanks, Beck.

Space Monkey: You're going to scare away my readers with your er, purple drink habits. Quit it!

Mimi said...

Wow. I'm impressed, too. Those towels alone ... and the canning, and with an infant! Hats off to you!

Kristi said...

...as I examine my unfolded towels and uncooked goodies in shame...

Kelly Christensen said...

Hi Brenda,
I know we have met only once and that was at your wedding reception. I am Luke's cousin Kelly Christensen. Ruth let me in on the blog and I have enjoyed it so much. Your writing is hysterical. It is great with the pictures. Your daughter is so cute. I am so happy for Luke's promotion.
Take care.