15 September, 2007

Here We Go A-Bloggering...

I have, once again, been slacking on posting. It isn't because I don't want to, it's more than I haven't had enough time with two free typing-hands (and even now I'm pushing my luck), and/or good ideas for anything to write about. I could just post a new picture of the cutest 2 month, 4 week, and two-day old girl on the planet every day, but I reckon most of you would get tired of constantly leaving the same comment: "Seriously, Bren J., that is the cutest 2 month, 4 week, and two-day old girl on the planet!"
I'm still going to post a picture anyway, because it is cute. And I should let you know that we've had all kinds of progress this week: She slept almost five hours one night and woke up only two minutes before the alarm was supposed to go off, she played with her car keys - by which I mean she grasped them in her wee hand and was shaking them unassisted, looking quite amused - and she put herself down for a 45 minute nap yesterday afternoon. A long enough nap, in fact, for me to bake an entire batch of cookies, start to finish (and consume more than I needed to)!

In other news, my good friend Zach, of no fixed Blogger address, bestowed upon me an award of his own creation: the King of Siam Award. I have no idea what the purpose or meaning of the award is.
The king in the picture is King Rama VII, Prajadhipok. The most significant information I can find about him says that he was the last absolute and first constitutional monarch in Thailand as the result of a coup in 1932. So is that to imply that it's the award for bloggers who bend to the whims of their readers? Because if the coup was successful in getting the people a constitutional monarchy, the King's relationship with his people went downhill quickly after that. Hmmm.....

I've decided that since I'm in need of something to blog about these days, I will spend some time (EVENTUALLY, so don't go counting any chickens) further explaining our name choice for the Little Goat. One of her middle names is Leanne and as I mentioned several posts ago, she is named after five of the most incredible women I know. I thought maybe I should tell you a bit more about those women and why they're so important to me. Not only will it satisfy curiosity, provide you with more reading material and give me another opportunity to reflect on why I love these women, it will guarantee me five posts worth of blogging! I know, I know, for some of you, that's a week's worth of posts, but for me it could be more like a month's worth! So I'm not sure when I'll post the first installment, maybe this week. I need to hunt up some more incriminating photos.....har!


erin k said...

Seriously, Bren J., that is the cutest 2 month four week and two day old baby on the planet.

(wow, I'm lame) She is very sweet. Yay for five hours of sleep and a nap long enough to bake cookies. I baked the choc. spice bread that Beck talked about while Monkey took almost every black garbage bag out of a box of one hundred. But I got the cake made!

Beck said...

Hey, what a cutie!
I want the Emperor Joshua Abraham Norton award. He was the best crazy emperor EVER!

Space Monkey said...

"Siam had never been governed so economically and so wisely as it was under King Prajadhipok, and, whisper who dares, the standard has not quite been maintained since... In England he died, and only now are the Siamese people beginning to realize how good and honest and enlightened he was."
-- Gerald Sparrow

Baht(bet) bet you didn't know that.
Viva the purple jihad.

Space Monkey said...

Oh, um, ahem, yes...Seriously, Bren J., that is the cutest 2 month four week and two day old baby on the planet.
Here, here!

Viva the purple jihad.