21 January, 2009

No Dice!

So how's this for annoying early childhood rebellion? Sibling X? wouldn't move his/her legs so we have to wait another THREE weeks! THREE WEEKS!!! ARGH!
We'll try again on the 13th of Feb. and if that doesn't work, well, I'll consult my "extracurricular ultrasonographers." Actually, I'll probably consult them anyway, because a) they have more time on their hands and b) they'll give me a fun CD with moving pictures.

Either way, seriously, HARUMPH. I'll remember this, Kid. Just wait till it's your 16th birthday - we'll make you wait a bonus three weeks for your present!

On the plus side, the Little Goat got a flu shot today and did just swimmingly; she cried a bit at first, but the nurse had her smiling in less than a minute - now there's a nurse to be applauded. Then, while we were waiting for Mr. J. to come and pick us up after his appointment, my midwife, Nancy (who, along with Mary, is totally amazing, by the way) saw us in the hallway and asked if I wanted my flu shot today too. So voila! Us girls can both have arm pain.

We are now home, the LG is napping, I'm about to nap, Mr. J. has taken the cats for their shots (our parting gift to them; remember they're leaving on Saturday....), and when he gets home we will make pizza and eat it and play Wii....because guess who hates watching baseball but is actually pretty good at Wii baseball? Uh huh. Moi.

Now, just so you aren't TOO disappointed by not finding out today (although how you can possibly be more disappointed than me, I can't know), I'm posting a link for this brilliant chicken we had last night. Curried honey mustard chicken: For real, people, eat this SOON. It is THAT good. You can cut down on the butter by a couple tablespoons, I only had time to marinate it for two hours but at least four would be better, serve it with rice and veg, and finally, don't be afraid to use something besides chicken breasts. We used chicken breasts with the bone in and they turned out just lovely, but chicken thighs (or even wings!) would also be amazing with this recipe. Also, we didn't take a picture because the one on the recipe is quite accurate for a change.

Talk to you soon!


Jodie said...

Aw dang! I'm sorry he/she didn't cooperate. And can I say, I think your idea for payback is clever and well-earned. :)

...OH! And your "Leave your comment" comment is high-larious! :)

And yes, that nurse deserved a high five! Does she travel?

Beth said...

OH my goodness! Well, first my kid was a girl, then he grew an extra appendage, then in the last u/s they couldn't even tell! And it was 4D! What is UP with these kids? Of course, M was always very cooperative in utero and now, not so much! Maybe it'll be the opposite and these will be the easiest babies ever!

Beck said...

Well, here's where you're lucky to be in the States, because in Canada, you get ONE ultrasound and that's it. (unless you're high risk like me)

~Sandy~ said...

thanks so much for the sweet comment! i adore the name Avery :O) sorry to hear the baby did not want to show the "goods". better luck next time!