08 January, 2009

Well that little ticker at the bottom of the blog - the one that used to tell you how long I'd been "supplying the Little Goat's milk" - is gone. Gone because as of the 1st of January, she is officially weaned. The weaning process was exactly how I wanted it to be, not stressed at all, just a natural, easy progression from nursing to....not. I told myself beforehand that I wasn't going to wimp out and get all weepy but of course, that first night she cried a little bit, but cuddled with her Dad I turned into a blubbering mess.

It's the clean break in my mind of the leap from babyhood to toddlerhood and let me tell you - we are fully THERE. Oi. Little Miss I-Don't-Want-to-Eat-that-Amazingly-Tasty-Food-that-I-Just-Ate-Only-Yesterday-and-Loved and Little Miss Let's-Just-Sit-on-the-Kitchen-Floor-and-Cry-Until-I-Get-What-I-Want have converged to begin the transformation of our Sweetest Little Pea into an Independent Delight - or something like that. Well, harumph to you too, Little Goat! Argh! Just go play with your toys.

Furthermore, everybody keeps telling us that 'she'll talk when she's ready' and that 'it's okay that she's not talking yet', and that 'hey! We should be thankful she's not talking yet because once she gets started.....' and so on. Frankly, I'm getting sick of hearing all that. I just want the kid to speak in ENGLISH WORDS. It's not that I want her to start saying 'no' all the time, but it would be so much easier if instead of crying, she could just tell us what she wants. The looks we get from some people too - ouch! We'll be at the grocery store and a person will start talking to her, of course expecting a reply, and I'll say something like, 'oh, she doesn't talk yet.' To which they respond with the appropriate (?) pitying/condescending look and say one of the aforementioned phrases like, 'well, she'll just talk when she's ready then.'


MOVING RIGHT ALONG. I have an ultrasound in two weeks (21 Jan.) at which point we'll find out the gender of our little Sibling X?. I'm excited about that and yes, I CARE what gender it is. I DO have a preference. I'm not afraid to admit that.

Also, my Mom has her surgery date all set (11 Feb.) and our flights are booked and I can hardly wait to go Home!

And for today, that is all. A little whining, a little ranting, and some excitement to finish things off.


EG said...

Yes, it is better when they can use words to communicate what they want. Less frustrating for everyone. But there's still frustration 'cause they can't do it as clearly as they want to.

Little Man now has delayed tantrums. He's learned that if he holds my hand, I will generally follow him where he wants to go. So he'll lead me to the dining room (where the leftover Christmas candy is) and say, "T" which is "treat". Then I say no and he has a tantrum. But at least we got to hold hands first.

I love toddler-hood. I really do.

I'll be interested to hear if you get your preference. :) I don't have a preference. Tim prefers another boy (he's thinking ahead to the teenage years). I'm feeling girl, but I truly don't have a preference. We will find out, too, Lord willing.

Beth said...

What's your preference? :)

Madeleine is now weaned too. One day she nursed and then she never asked again. It was completely fine and easy and I'm glad we did it this way.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you'll be able to be with your Mom before (and after?) her surgery. That will be a great blessing to her, I'm sure.

As for LG, did you ever teach her baby signs? Anja still uses them even though she often says the words simultaneously and it really reduced her frustration. I don't know when is "too late in the game" to start or anything, but we didn't start with her until she was 10 or 11 months and she picked up on them pretty quickly. It was good for both parties involved. :)

The second paragraph of this post, however, could have been used to describe my daughter, even though she does use some words. So there's that.

Kellan said...

I'm glad the weaning went smoothly. And --- I have 4 kids that TALK ALL THE TIME - it can be a bit of a blessing, but ... if you are worried, maybe you could have her tested - make sure she hears good and all. I think it is true - they talk when they are ready (sorry I know you are tired of hearing that).

Have a good weekend -Kellan

Shalee said...

Holy cow, Bren... I have been gone too long!

First, congrats on you new addition! What exciting news!

Second, weaning was hard not on my children, but on me. I knew it was time to stop, and we did, but that didn't mean that my love of having "just us" time stopped along with it. Throw in the fact that The Boy stopped months earlier than I wanted him to stop and it really was a let-down, pun not intended.

As far as the not talking yet thing with LG, I'd be frustrated too. When they start talking, that's when the fun really begins!