26 March, 2009

PT Update

Well yesterday was a resounding potty training success with only one major and one minor accident and the culmination of a hard day's work with a 'plop' in the toilet! The reward for that? TWO loopy fruits. (One for 1, two for 2, right?)

The Little Goat must have a bladder of steel or something because this morning she didn't go once until right when she was finishing her lunch and she decided that the spot under her little table in the kitchen hadn't been disinfected quite enough times yet; at least she finished up in the bathroom. AND, she was quite upset by her accident which I understand is a good sign.

This has been a rewarding venture although it's made this week feel like the longest week ever and I am exhausted! Seasoned parents will laugh when I say this but I never imagined potty training to be so tiring. Stressful, yes, but not nearly so tiring!

Now we're trying to figure out what comes next and how to get her used to public toilets and what to do during church (so as to avoid a wet pew). Anybody have any suggestions?

Also, come back in a half hour because, that's right, the time is now and you know what's coming....

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