17 April, 2009


I've been absent this week, obviously.
We've been busy, mostly with procrastinating, but also with some appointments and packing and throwing away junk and trying to figure out what to pack now and what to leave out.

We leave here two weeks from tomorrow and every time I think about that I get a combination of butterflies and giddiness whirling in my stomach, in addition to the human being whirling in my belly.

Potty training has been irritating this week. It's one accident after another and the debate - which we thought we had solved - still rages over what to do in the process of moving.

Our Easter was fun. We had a breakfast at church, then home for a quick nap and then dinner with friends. The LG did great at hunting Easter eggs. After she had all her eggs in the basket, she sat down and methodically opened each one (after shaking it) and ate all her M&Ms.

We got three or four inches of snow between Sunday and Monday which was awful because, you know, it's SPRING and all, but by Tuesday evening, almost all of it was gone and today there are only remnants in a few places. LJ has taken the LG outside a few times to ride her tricycle which she LOVES even though she hasn't figured out how to actually peddle the thing yet. Coming back inside always involves a struggle because she's not ready to come in. Hopefully when we move the weather in Manitoba will be nice enough that they can get out and ride a little more often.

Here's a picture from Easter Sunday - pardon the shoes, we couldn't find any dress shoes we actually liked. Well, sorry. I can't find the pictures. It'll have to wait until later but trust me, she looked cute!


Brenda said...

I can't even believe you are blogging! Get busy!

And you only have 63 days left of your pregnancy? I need to pay attention to your spinning baby more! Good luck with the packing and PT and you know, staying sane. I'm thinking about you. The package I have for you I will wait and send til you get to where your going so you don't have to pakc it:)

{Jodie} said...

Your last paragraph made me laugh out loud! :) Girl, we do the best we can, right?

Wow, your life is really hectic right now. I know you're looking forward to a few things settling into a more permanent place... what with all the training and moving and packing and tossing stuff... It'll all be over relatively soon. :)

Ohhh, and it's gonna feel soooo goooood. :)

Shalee said...

Hey, do you have everything packed? Get busy already! :o) And there is your friendly lecture for the day...

PT is so very trying but kids DO catch on, even if it's not as fast as you would wish. Even if she did get it all right the first time, she might have a set back with the move. It's natural, but not fun.

And I have to tell you, I considered reloading the page because I couldn't see a picture! Then I got to the part where you couldn't find it... now that is a classic Momism!