30 April, 2009

Monkey Wrenches and Ice Cream

What's new around here:

1) The house appraisal was yesterday. We still haven't heard anything about that. Pray that it will have gone well. As I mentioned last time, that's really that last thing standing between us and the house sale closing.

2) We found out last night that since we're moving to Canada, the day we get there is the day our home/auto insurance from here expires. Apparently, this is unusual and we have a crappy insurance company. Boo!

3) We found out just this afternoon that the closest Uhaul truck we need is THREE HOURS away so the last day of packing we had planned (tomorrow) is now all going to have to happen tonight so we can drive all the way down to Airport City and back to pick up this stupid truck. The silver lining - if this level of inconvenience can really be called that; they knew more than a week ago that we needed this particular truck and where we're located - is that they're not going to charge us any extra. So we'll get a free day, free mileage and they'll give us some sort of credit for gas. But still - boo! I am NOT up for driving six hours tomorrow and we had several other last-minute errands to run besides that. I guess the other silverish living is that we can have people over to pack the truck as early as we want on Saturday morning. And, uh, as early as they're willing to come over, right?

4) Packing is really coming along (you'd be proud, Shalee!). Upstairs we just have the clothes we're wearing on the trip to pack and a few toiletries and the laundry detergent. Everything else is in boxes and ready for the truck. Down here, we just have the last-minute essentials (like my third baby - my computer) and things in the kitchen to pack which we are planning to take care of tonight. Between fancy pizza we're getting for supper tonight and finger-type foods, we've got enough to tide us over between now and leaving.

5) Last Saturday, we ran errands and then met up with our pastor and his wife for ice cream. All four of their kids were away for the week last week so we were celebrating the last minutes of their 'honeymoon' and just spending time with friends. The LG had her very first ice cream cone. Yup, her first. She'd never had ice cream before (and great, now we can never go for ice cream in peace anymore either) and it was a hit! We weren't sure how it was going to go over since she doesn't have much milk otherwise (the results are, uh, not too pretty), but everything was fine so maybe we can get her back on milk again soon. (Which would be great because buying soy milk is fine when it's only me using it because I don't use much, but when she's having it all the time too, it can get pricey.) Anyway, here are some pictures from that momentous occasion. Oh! And she actually SAT on GRASS. She won't even walk on our lawn; she just doesn't like grass, but she sat on it, ran around on it, and yes, even wore her little sunglasses. (Don't worry, she only wore them for two days; she broke them on Sunday afternoon.) Oh yes, and after she was finished her ice cream, but before we could wipe off her bib and her face, the wind blew the bib up over her head and she got sprayed all down the back with ice cream. Oops.


Jess said...

OMG what a hassle! So glad our move is over. FOREVER.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I will be praying for you as you finish up your move.

Brenda said...

Love her glasses! And I don't know why, but I'm so SAD you are moving. It's not like we really "know" each other but I feel like you will be way far away AND 30! Blog when you can! Best of luck with the move!

yellowjacket954 said...

Does this mean that you will change the name of your Blog after you move?