09 October, 2009

And....We've Been Back for a While Now

So the auction was great! My Dad picked out a few things for the LG at the kids table, I got a sweet set of truck books (used, of course, but in nearly perfect condition) for the LG's little cousin's birthday coming up in November. We also got some homemade noodles, some honey, and a white 3-drawer dresser for the Squawk Box for only thirty dollars! Of course, that was two weeks ago and there's still nothing IN said dresser, but it's in the girls' room. That's a good start for around here. I also got a few things for other birthdays coming up and for Christmas. My mom got a great box full of veggies for eight bucks - cabbage, peppers, carrots, onions, tomatoes, parsley, and potatoes. And the food! Oh, the food! They sold something like 1400 perogies and 836 pieces of pie!

There were lots of donated pies left over and of course, my dad bought two. And then, of course, I didn't balance the box very well on the stool in my parent's kitchen and the lemon pie hit the deck rather unceremoniously. So much for that. The crust was soggy anyway (yes, even too soggy for me!).

Let's see. Oh here's a funny story for you. The week before we left, on the Tuesday, I went to this ladies function at church. I had no idea it was such a big deal and left the house woefully underdressed. Comparatively speaking. (But LJ had gotten home late and I didn't really have time to change anyway, nevermind feed the SB before we walked out the door!) I wanted to melt into the wall. And then it came time for the doorprize and I was thinking I just shouldn't have entered in the first place. There were three prizes and never in my life have I sat there wishing more 'oh, please don't call my name, please don't call my name.'

So the first name was called.


The second name was a lady at our table.


('Please don't call my name, please don't call my name.')

"Bren J.!"

Oh. Great.

So I sheepishly skulked up to the front, got my candle and sat down. And let me tell you - as soon as things were winding down, I bolted! Never again! Aside from that, I didn't enjoy it much anyway. No matter if I'd been a little more dressed up. For a church function, it was just too....fluffy. There are other women's studies/activities to be involved in though and I'm grateful for that.

And now, two hours later, I am back to write some more. This is my life. Getting bits and pieces done between changing diapers, feeding the kids, and other distractions - like the SNOW that is bravely attempting to fall. I wish you guys could hear inside my head at 3am (or 12:30, or 5, or hey, even 7). I do some of my best blog writing when I'm sitting up in the middle of the night. My writing talents could astound you if only such a Thing existed (and was affordable) that could type while I dictate silently in the wee hours.

Goodness, this post is generally abyssmal. Better luck next time!


Brenda said...

Don't worry about the quality of your posts, we are just glad to hear from you.

And soggy mess or not, I would have so scraped that pie up off the ground!

Write more soon!

Bryan Neisteter said...

oh come now -- I ramble far more randomly and therefore effectively than you. =)