16 October, 2009

Supper is Late

Yesterday the girls and I all had our first doctor's appointments with our new doctor. LJ picked her out for us (out of the 26 that work at the clinic) and she is perfect! I didn't have to be weighed or measured; she checked my blood pressure ("low-side of normal") and that was that. The girls, of course, screamed bloody murder when she tried to use the stethoscope and look in their ears, but Dr. H was great. This was not to mention the LG's clearly horrifying experience with the scale in the lab when it was her turn for weight/height.* There are definitely some advantages to being married to a medical professional who has an office right around the corner. Dad to the rescue!

Anyway, before we left, I was trying to remember how to program our oven so it would turn on at 5:30 and bake for 30 minutes at 350 so the lasagna would be nice and hot (thanks for bringing it over, Mom!) and ready to eat when we got home.

Well after all that hoopla with the timer, when we got home and walked in the door, I did NOT smell lasagna. In fact, while the smell was pleasant, I didn't smell any food cooking at all! Why, you ask? WHY? Because there was a freaking POWER OUTAGE while we were out! ARGH!

On top of that, today I find out the broiler no longer functions. Boo!

*For anyone keeping track, the latest measurements are:
Little Goat: (weight) 30 lbs, 7 oz; (height) 2' 11" (75th percentile for both)
Squawk Box: (weight) 16 lbs, 8 oz; (height) 2' 2" (95th percentile for both - yikes!)


Brenda said...

Glad you are liking things up there! I can't believe you took them both by YOURSELF! YOu are amazing.

Anonymous said...

This confirms to me that Anja is a freaking giant. At her two year check-up she was 3'1"! A full inch and three quarters taller than her daddy at that age, and way taller than I was.

p.s. Aren't Canadians supposed to use metric?