16 June, 2010

1, 3

Many days still go by when I cannot believe I'm actually a mother - and also many days when I think maybe I shouldn't be. Kids' birthdays are good for many things but not the least of which is to remind us that we've actually survived motherhood (or fatherhood) for another year!

Tonight, at 10:02, LJ and I will celebrate the technical beginning of parenting the Little Goat which began in 2007. Twenty minutes later, we'll celebrate the technical beginning of parenting Squawky, which began a mere 12 months ago, even though it seems like she's been around a lot longer.

In celebrating parenthood, we are so grateful for God's grace. for His gift of these two fantastic, beautiful girls. We love you two - and we wouldn't trade you for anyone! Happy birthday, Little Goat! Happy birthday, Squawky!


Neisty said...

Congratulations! What a great day, and what a cool milestone as you celebrate these two birthdays! (And how convenient it's all on one day!)

Brenda @ Life As We Know It said...

You said that perfectly! I love their birthdays are on the same day! Happy Birthday, Girls!

EG said...

Your public demands a recent picture!

Beth said...

Happy birthday beautiful girls!!