04 June, 2010


So my birthday this year was fantastic! LJ actually planned a birthday party for me (in three days!) and even though it rained, everybody had a good time - LJ even came home early from work so he could help get everything ready and cook.

Next up was Mother's Day. We were rushed getting in to The Big City, but it turned out we really weren't on that tight a schedule. As we were driving through the city, we were passing through a familiar neighbourhood; I've known quite a few people who've lived there. Then we got to 'M' Street and everything fell into place: "HEY! Lindsay lives on 'M' Street! We're going to Lindsay's house! Does that mean we get to leave the children and go on a date?!"

Well, no, not exactly. [And as a sidebar here, let me give you a word of warning that getting a little too excited about the prospect of dropping your kids off somewhere is maybe not the best idea if you want to keep them from FREAKING OUT.] LJ had been planning this surprise for no less than THREE weeks! We got to Lindsay's, fed, watered, and bathroomed the kids, and then LJ gave me some money and said 'have fun!' He took the kids to the zoo (well, the gift shop anyway because the zoo was about to close) and Lindsay and I went shopping. Then we met back up with LJ, the kids, and Lindsay's boyfriend for supper. Seriously, it ranks right up there as one of the best 'surprises' ever. I have no idea how LJ will ever top all this celebrating next year.

Oh, and as the icing on the cake of all this celebrating, I ended up with not one, but three new CDs: for our anniversary, I got a Simon & Garfunkel greatest hits CD (in lieu of some very expensive tickets to the concert in The Big City), for my birthday, the new Starfield album (Have you heard them? They're really good! They love Jesus and the lead singer was a lunch-buddy of mine in college...and he's a HUGE U2 fan.), and for Mother's Day, the new Swell Season record (kind of folksy and well...swell).

LJ also had his appointment with the glaucoma specialist in The Big City which was a debacle all its own. And when I am better able to laugh about it, I will tell you the story.

We spent May Long Weekend in my hometown with my parents, played a round of golf on possibly the coldest May day in my recent memory, watched the series finale of Lost (and boy, am I glad I didn't waste six tv 'seasons' of my life on THAT), and concluded the weekend with a drive home I hope to NEVER repeat. EVER. (I'm not laughing about that one yet either.)

Last weekend, my parents came out here and we celebrated my Dad's birthday. Next up is the girls' birthdays on the 16th. So soon! The Hello Kitty invites will be 'in the mail' this week. *gasp*

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Brenda @ Life As We Know It said...

I love that they share a birthday even if they end up hating it!

Simon and Garfunkel!!!! Love it!

And that is the best gift ever to be turned loose with a wad of cash:)