10 December, 2010

Sunday Six: 2.0

I married a slightly geeky geek (no, really - he's playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii right now). I myself could in some instances be considered a slightly geeky geek. Therefore I present to you six slightly geeky (but significantly super awesome) gadgets that I think would only bring my slightly geeky geekiness to a whole new (and superbly brilliant) level (and yes, half of them are culinarily-minded items. So there.).

#1: Because who wouldn't want to store their keys this way?
#2: So many uses....such as achieving Mad Scientist Level 4...or actually not wrecking my brain doing math to convert foreign recipes.

#3: This way, I could fall asleep while watching the minutes tick by but wake up with "improved vitality and mood."
#4: Up until this very moment, I had no idea what a raclette actually was, but I see now that it involves cheese - SWISS cheese even - so I'm pretty much sold. Now I *need* it not simply because it looks cool but also because it MELTS CHEESE.

#5: This isn't something I actually need anymore, having no children presently in the strictly puree-eating phase, BUT, it looks super-cool, ridiculously practical, and the name makes me snigger.

#6: So perfect for life in my alternate (spy) universe! And if I couldn't have that, I'd carry one of these. Military grade, people!

So, tell me, if you could choose ONE of the above, which would you choose and why?


erin k said...

As much as I love cheese, I think I'd have to go with the USB watch. 'cuz, really.

Jodie | Velour said...

I LOVE that you're doing the list. Have I said that yet?

As for my choice, I think I'd have to go with number five : the babycook. I don't need it for babies, but I don't have a decent processorslashpureéer in this house and I could use one. Obviously. It's a wonder I can cook without one. I'm cheap though. Cheap cheap cheap.

Fun list to read! And dude, how much fun is thinkgeek.com? :) There are LOTS of things I'd like from there. LOTS.

Keep these lists coming. They're good stuff.

EG said...

Fun list! I like the raclette or the watch.

The BabyCook kind of ticks me off 'cause it's marketed to people with more money than sense. I mean, how hard is it to steam in a pot, blend in a blender, and reheat in the microwave? And then you don't need to buy anything new for $150.