04 December, 2010

Sunday Six

So my friend Jodie over at Velour started this list a while back called The Sunday Six. Every Sunday she posts a list (that was obvious, wasn't it?) of six things she loves...or perhaps just really likes. Like, a lot. Jodie has been one of my most ardent encouragers (it's a word now) to get back to blogging (but more on that another time). For now though, I think I'll stick to her suggestion to rip off her Sunday Six schtick. So here goes, Jodie, here goes.

one: this guy - even when he's not dressed as Mr. Cleaver. He turned 30 yesterday and as I type, he's out at the surprise party that I so ingeniously masterminded for him. A sneaky plan that actually made me so ill in my stomach I had to have a rest after lunch today.

two: these two yahoos. I mean, have you seen anything so cute? (Nope, didn't think so.) (And no, we don't make them go around wearing sunglasses all the time.)

this coffee, without which the zombie-like state I wake up in every morning would never cease. Caribou Coffee fuels my little world in the wee (or in most cases, the not-so-wee) morning hours.

Christmas. Truly, I used to loathe Christmas. Then we had one girl, then we had another and ever since, it's gotten better and better and I can hardly wait to dive into the Season after Thanksgiving.five: Grover. Need I say more:six: this toothbrush is AMAZING. And it makes me feel so fancy and planet-conscious (*eye roll*).
And there you have it. Next time I might even blog about actual thoughts I've been having as of late. Or if you're really lucky, I might actually tell you what's going on in our corner of the world - which might involve some thoughts. Aren't you lucky? I know, you're waiting with bated breath.


erin k said...

Yay for successful surprises!

and where can I get me that Peanuts Nativity Scene? I NEED it. (it's good to be able to distinguish a need from a want)

Jodie | Velour said...

Oh my gosh I love you so much!! You make me laugh and you know how that's my favorite! I LOVE that you did this. Please keep doing it because I love reading it! You are hysterical.
1. Mr. Cleaver - adorable. LOVE that pipe!!
2. Cutest yahoos on the planet. (I love that you call them yahoos... that's a word I really enjoy using too...) (but that shouldn't come as a surprise; it's like we have the same brain.)
3. Never heard of it, sadly. We're big fans here of a "local" coffee -- something native to Louisiana and we do not stray unless we go to Starbucks. :) Glad for you though - because zombies might frighten the children. :)
6. I love that you roll your eyes are planet-conscious... my nephew came over a while back and when he finished with his Coke, he asked if we recycled and I said, "no, we hate the environment." :)


Jodie | Velour said...

AT planet-conscious... not ARE... which makes nans a lick o' sense. :) Typing too fast is ruining my WordGirl status... Typos are bad for my ego and my reputation.

EG said...

Couple of things: You planned Luke a surprise party then didn't go?

And what makes this toothbrush so AMAZING?

Brenda said...

I am just now catching up on you guys! Great job on the surprise party!

I love the Peanuts Nativity Scene! Wherever did you find it???

Kara said...

Great list but the part that made me laugh out loud was...the toothbrush looks like it's having a seizure!

bren j. said...

Hey - don't mock the toothbrush. (Though, yes, it does look rather seizure-y.) :)