23 October, 2006

Eastern Treats

We went for a walk yesterday and took our usual shortcut to the park via this road behind the hospital. We passed a cop car on the road. It was empty. Then when we got to the park, it was deserted except for this younger guy with a camera, and four cop cars. We got out of there fast (without arousing suspicion, of course). A couple blocks away from the park, we almost got run over by three different cop cars rushing to the park. We have no idea what was going on there.

ANYWAY, part of the purpose of our walk was to go down to the convenience store to find a slurpee. No luck. When we got there though, we found pop in bottles that was only 79 cents! Except really it turned out to be $1.29. Argh! Bait & Switch! On the way home, the urge hit. Out here on the East Coast, you apparently haven't lived until you've tried a whoopie pie. A whoopie pie is essentially a chocolate and cream 'hamburger' - two cakey chocolate rounds with vanilla custard or buttercream icing sandwiched between. You can get small ones, or giant ones (as in the picture below). Luke had a craving for a whoopie pie. So off we went to IGA. We also got some Fox Family Farms Chips so we could make it a truly Eastern Experience while we watched our movie.*

So for your enjoyment, I'm including some pictures of our tasty treats. The whoopie pie turned out to be more than we could handle. We felt awful and also decided we probably could make a better one ourselves. Luke liked the chips, I thought they were boring.

Just wanted to share.

*Tonight's movie choice was Ushpizin. We'd highly recommend it (particulary to TP and DKB). It's in Hebrew with subtitles and tells the story of a couple celebrating Succoth. Funny. Plus, you get to hear Jewish rap.

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Earnie Moran said...

You look good luke!!!!!!!!!!!!