14 February, 2007

The Meeting That Almost Was

Yesterday, we got a package in the mail. Only it wasn't for us, it was for the neighbours across the street. So as soon as Husband got home from work, we bundled up and trudged *all the way* across the street. The first door we went to had a table on the other side, so we went to the garage door and rang the bell. No dice. We could hear those two terrible little white dogs yapping away inside, but no answer. We left the package and headed home quite disappointed that yet another perfect opportunity to meet another neighbour was foiled. Nobody home.
However, not ten minutes later, I could hear the dogs. They were outside and the package was gone and what the heck? Somebody was home after all! ARGH! What is with these people!?!? Seriously, the sign on the way into town - from all THREE directions - says "Friendly" on it...could've fooled us!!

In other news, yesterday I made Husband his Valentine's present - chocolate chocolate chip cranberry cookies which turned out fabulous! And it turns out it's a good thing he ate them yesterday. As much as I love the idea of spending all of Valentine's Day with Husband (though we weren't planning on celebrating today anyway), I hadn't figured he would spend the whole day sick. Boo! He's been up and down since just after midnight.

I should count my blessings that since lately I haven't felt much like eating either, I don't have to whip up some fancy-pants Valentine's dinner since he likely won't be eating by then anyway. We will look forward to our pizza date on Friday and I will have a baked potato for supper.

So here's hoping this V-day finds you doing something for or with somebody you love - sick or otherwise.

P.S. EK - can you email me? Something's wrong with that email address and I can't find your address!!


Beck said...

Your neighbours sound like freaks! Much like mine.
We were sick yesterday, too - and still today. I am so TIRED of having a cold! Spring can come annny day now!

bren j. said...

Oh Spring! Spring! How we yearn for thee...

I've heard more than one person say they've been "waiting for summer to come since last May."


Yes, the neighbours ARE weirdos. They should rename our street "Hermit Lane."