01 June, 2007

A Conversation

This is a conversation that occurred between me and Husband last night (needless to say, rather close to bedtime):

Bren: Um, what are you doing? Why are you smelling my pant-leg?

Husband: Because it smells good.

Bren (thinking it's probably because it smells like nice clean laundry): What does it smell like?

Husband: I can't quite place it. Something from a birthday party a long time ago. Maybe when I was 10.

Bren: Stop smelling my pants.

Husband: But they smell good.

Bren: I'm blogging about this.

Husband: Fine. *sniff, sniff*

1 comment:

Brenda said...

man, i checked your blog and floating baby wasn't there! i thought maybe it meant you went into labor. but i see he's back. whew.