05 June, 2007

You Had to Know This Was Coming

A friend recently commented that she couldn't believe I hadn't been complaining more about my pregnancy on my blog. Well, the time has come: I'm nauseous, tired, sore, and so DONE with this business of baby-growing and if in the next few weeks (yes, I said few - know why? Because last Friday, the Midwife told me it'll be "at least another four weeks." FOUR FREAKING WEEKS!) you find my blog riddled with various gestational complaints, be ye not surprised. It doesn't mean there isn't other stuff going on in our lives, it just means I'm unable to focus on anything else. Argh!

Some moms-to-be write wee letters to their impending arrivals, expressing their love and excitement and all sorts of other sap. I have chosen to include mine here:

An Open Note to the Mystery Baby:

For 8 months and 2 weeks now, you have been nestled in the abyss that is my uterus. Whilst you have been busy growing (hopefully) copious amounts of brown hair and (hopefully) blue eyes, along with developing several weird idiosyncrasies and personality traits (undoubtedly inherited from your father), it has become exceedingly apparent that you are running out of room.
So don't take this the wrong way because we like you and all, but


Sincerely with love,
Mum & Dad


Beth said...

Oh do I remember those days!! What is the midwife talking about - 4 weeks? She doesn't know. It could happen anytime now :)

My kid was exactly 2 hours and 10 minutes early :)

T with Honey said...

Save this note. You may be able to use it again in 18 to 25 years.

Brenda said...

well, you held out way longer than i did! didn't know you were using a midwife. we considered a home bith but insurance wouldn't cover. are you at home or in a hospital/birth center? are you uber crunchy too? i was thinking last night i meant to ask you if youd started dilating but it's kind of weird i was thinking that of someone i do not EVEN KNOW! But hang in there, won't be long and then you'll want her bck in there.

erin k said...

ahh, bren.

I would like to make you fell better, but I have to tell you (as a friend who loves you) the next few days/weeks will be the longest of your life.

best wishes.

and when will we see those pics? surely your rash has cleared up by now.

Beck said...

Yeah, that last month is just no fun. But honestly, you don't want Mystery Baby to come out anytime soon - The Baby came out three weeks early and she should have stayed in and cooked a bit longer.

bubandpie said...

At least four weeks? Shouldn't that be "at MOST four weeks"?

But let's say it's just four day - that still FEELS like four weeks at this point. These are the longest days of your life, these ones.

bren j. said...

Beth: Let's hope!

T With Honey: Thanks for stopping by! I laughed quite heartily when I read your comment!

Brenda: No home birth offered although I would prefer it. The birthing center is at the hospital - convenient since the Husband works in the same building. Not sure about dilation. There's an appt this afternoon.

Erin: Pictures ARE (for real!) forthcoming. Waiting for Husband to upload them because I have no clue how to use his camera.

Beck: If I put one of those 'hot rice' bags on my belly, will it help her cook faster?

B&P: Indeed, the phrase "at most" would've been much more helpful. I think you should give English lessons to healthcare professionals! A brilliant sideline career!

Karen said...

Well, you held out a very long time, but really talking about 4 weeks is just unhelpful at this point - try and be asleep for as much of it as possible - also going out in public will be increasingly annoying, you may never again want to hear the word "yet" - I still twitch when I hear it, and none of mine were even late; people just couldn't help themselves, poor souls. Poor you, hang in there.

Shalee said...

Oh, bren... Unfortunately, it can suck and there's not a lot you can do to avoid it... except to not eat pork fried rice (as it was in my case). And to top it off, you can't see your feet and you think you'll never fit into your pre-prego pants ever again. Ugh.

And an additional 4 weeks? That's just wrong! I'm praying the midwife is JUST WRONG!

Love t with honey's idea of saving the note. You may need it later...