19 June, 2007

The Next 007

So without going into too much detail, here’s the scoop. My water broke at 3:30 on Saturday (today is the actual due date you’ll notice). I was feeling just fine so we finished setting up the nursery and ate a piece of our rhubarb pie (look, I'm Menno and it was fresh out of the oven). We left for the hospital just after 5 and that's when the first contraction started. I had only been at 2 1/2 cm on Friday afternoon and by 7pm on Saturday I was at 6. By 9, I was at 9 1/2, so I pushed for an hour (So in explanation of the post title: It. Is. HELL. And I am convinced I have now endured enough screaming and torture to at least audition to be the next 007 - oi vey! Seriously, I think the whole block probably heard me – at one point we figured maybe I was scaring her and that’s why through about six contractions, only half her head was out…) and then there she was.

Now here’s the funny story: on Friday at the clinic, we saw Laura & Aaron, the couple from our childbirth ed class who were due exactly a week after us. Laura said the doctor told her if she didn't go into labour on Friday night, she should come in first thing Saturday morning and they would get things started. (I think I posted about that already and yes, I was jealous.) So on Saturday morning, I made them a congratulations card and we were going to just leave it on the windshield of their car. Nope. Our delivery nurse gave it to them instead - they were right across the hall in the birthing wing. :) They ended up having a girl too, so our girls were mere ounces apart, a quarter of an inch apart, and about two hours and technically one date apart and got to be nursery-mates for a couple days. Very fun.

And without further adieu, here she is:

Anja Helena Leanne J.
18 June 07
7lbs, 19 1/4 inches

Oh, and here's the name explanation:

Anja - It's Russian and it means gracious and merciful.
Helena - After Bren's Grama. (Greek for 'light')
Leanne - after five of the most incredible women I know because,
conveniently enough, you all have either Leigh or Anne or Leanne as a middle name.
So, Chandra Anne, Tamra Leanne, Kara Anne, Erin Leigh, and Lindsay E. Anne - thank you for the role you've played in shaping me into the woman I am (and I mean that in the least cliched way possible)!
I love you!

And can I just say: she has the best Dad EVER.


Brenda said...

Thank you for posting. We have been worried/wondering about you! She is beautiful and I know you are so happy, tired, excited, and nervous but what an amazing thing to birth a baby! And what beautiful pics! Congrats to you and Daddy! Feel better soon@

Beck said...

Doesn't labour suck? Pushing is just horrible - but look what you got! What a beautiful baby!

Beth said...

Congratulations! She is BEAUTIFUL! Girls are so much fun.
How do you pronounce her first name?

And yeah, labor sucks. I wanted a natural birth, but I think I'll get an epidural with the rest of the kids :)

Karen said...

Wow, she is beautiful and you sound like you did an amazing job in the way that pushing is always so very awful but then suddenly this little baby is there and all is well. Hope are resting well. Congratulations

bubandpie said...

Hooray! Such a beautiful girl - I have shivers.

michelle said...

Little info:

Anja's only auntie's middle name is Leigh.
We had the baby shower tonight at mom and dad's house. It was fun...I am off to get some sleep.

Space Monkey said...

So you were pregnant this WHOLE time?

Space Monkey said...

So you were pregnant this WHOLE time?

Shalee said...

She is breath-taking and perfect in every way. Congrats on being the new mommy on the block. And believe it or not, you'll find that you won't remember a lot of that labor in the years to come. How do I know this? You'll start to want to have another one and you won't remember all the hell parts, just the baby parts.