03 December, 2007

Fancy-Pants Birthday Man!

Not only is today Ozzy Osbourne's birthday, it's also The Husband's birthday. And not only is it The Husband's birthday, it's also National Day of Disabled Persons. Not to be confused with...The Husband's birthday. Har! Just kidding! (No really, it's okay. He was just standing right here, read that, and kissed me. I think I'm okay.)

In honour of this, his 27th birthday, we had friends over yesterday (before the big storm) and ate soup and cake and watched the Little Goat spew forth what appeared to be an entire day's worth of stomach-contents....all with a smile on her face.

The Husband's birthday cake was this, which I was sure was going to result in both of us having to be ROLLED out of our house to the hospital for a stomach-pumping in the middle of the night - it was THAT rich. A fabulous fabulous cake, but just so stinking rich (if you ever decide to make it, cut down on the ganache by about 1/3, there was far too much of it)! And no, we did not adorn the cake with 27 candles.....mostly because we don't have 27 candles, but more because I'm anti-blowing-out-candles-on-cake. Instead, I lit a match and stuck it in The Husband's piece of cake. No word on the wish yet.

Today, presumably also in honour of the Birthday Man is the mass amount of snow which is presently falling at a very leisurely pace. It would have been the perfect day for walmarting since everybody around here makes a huge deal about these storms (which are really never "that" bad) and the store might actually be tolerable today; but we are at home, watching the snow fall, petting the cats, reading blogs and funny facts* and The Husband is making some of his fancy-pants bread. Fancy-pants because it requires a starter which is something I will never have the patience for.

So Happy Birthday to my Birthday Man. It's so good to have you home from work for a whole week. Better still to have had you with me for a whole 'nother year! I love you!

*For example: Did you know that in the Yucutan Peninsula, locals eat iguana tacos, "made from Gallina de Palo, meaning 'tree chickens'?"


Beck said...

Happy birthday to your husband! Only 27? Geez, you guys are YOUNG!

bren j. said...

He is. I'm older.

nomotherearth said...

OMIGOD I want that cake. Is it really "challenging" to bake. I'll never be able to do it. But it looks like my idea of heaven.

I am wading in spit up these days too

Space Monkey said...

What are you saying???
I don't understand!