24 March, 2008

Easter on the Frozen Tundra

Good Friday was indeed somber as it is meant to be. Saturday was a sick day at our house but Sunday dawned bright, clear, and blindingly sunny (thank you, Snow) - just as it should be...although I highly doubt there was eight feet of snow on the ground the morning Jesus rose from and exited His tomb. (And not that He would've needed the help, but I can just picture those two angels guarding the tomb holding shovels! Hah!)

Anyway, Sunday we celebrated. It started with this:

Easter bag with an Easter ball!

The One Thing The Husband really wanted in his Easter basket.

Ready for church.

On the way to Holly and Chris's after church, we came upon Holly's car which was stuck on the side of the road after the plow went by and in an effort to avoid it, Holly hit a patch of black ice and slid into the 15-foot-high (that is not an exaggeration) snowbank. It took several shovelers digging and finally their landlord's plow truck with chain and hook to pull them out. I would've documented that particular scene with pictures, but since a mighty wind was blowing and it was C.O.L.D. outside, I mostly stayed in the car.

We finally got there, nearly ruined our dinner eating tasty assortments of jelly beans, decorated a bunny cake as is traditional in Holly's
family, baked a ham and some scalloped potatoes, wolfed down some delicious deviled eggs and some salad and that was lunch. We had cake and tea for dessert and created dyed-egg masterpieces. Then off to the living room for a rousing session of Rock Band - Chris on guitar, Luke on bass, me on drums, and Holly on riff-raff (read: Baby) management. We finally left at 8 when it was becoming overly apparent that proper crowd control was no longer possible. So overall, even though we were miles and miles from our nearest family, we had a wonderful Easter celebration with our 'adopted' family out here in the frozen tundra.

We're here now, get this off me!

Bunny cake!

Easter eggs - dyed.

Getting up to Holly & Chris's - this path is way steeper than it looks!

So what did YOU do to celebrate Easter?


Brenda said...

I can't imagine haveing all that snow on Easter when it's supposed to be springy! And the LG has gotten cuter and cuter. You should post more pics of her! She's beautiful!

Beck said...

It's crazy snowy here, too, and a friend in a warmer place wrote and asked if we were having an outdoor egg hunt. HA!
I love that first picture of LG, where she looks both so pleased and so very puzzled.

Jess said...

What adorable photos! It looks like a great, if chilly, Easter.

Easter was my birthday this year so we did sundry birthday things to celebrate. It was great.

Beth said...

Happy Easter Bren! Yes, LG is adorable :)

Jenn said...

That is such a great looking cake. And of course LG is adorable as usual. Her little Easter church is so cute.
We went to Hometown and ate way too much good food, not to mention chocolate.

Space Monkey said...

I made stew with things I found in the backyard.

nomotherearth said...

WHEREdid you find thr Peter Rabbit chocolate? Love.

bren j. said...

NoMo: Found it at Walmart...doesn't it look like it's been sitting on the shelf since the 60s? They also have updated, smaller versions of Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail. :)