20 March, 2008

Oh Spring, We Welcome Thee...

...on this thy Thoughtless Thursday!

We all knew this was the inevitable but maybe we were secretly hoping, deep down inside, that today of all days we might see a reprieve from the attack of the Hopeless White Fluff. I'm getting this feeling that whomever penned the song "Let it Snow" was some wiseacre living in Florida during a freak snowfall. On the plus side, this relentless weather makes us all the more joyful about the prospect of moving later this year. Yippee!

Presenting: "
Pictures I Took Five Minutes Ago Before it Started to Snow Twice as Heavily" OR "Ode to Spring" or "Behold! The Fury of Old Man (are we sure it's Old MAN Winter??) Winter!"

What's that? What do you mean you can't see our neighbour's truck!?
It's right there! Behind that tree! That pointy mound of snow! It's a TRUCK!

Happy Spring, Everybody!


Beck said...

Yeah, I am SO sick of winter. Like, really, really, really sick.

Jenn said...

That is a ridiculous amount of snow. Good thing you're from the prairies!

Jenn said...

And, are you moving farther north? Or somewhere less snowy?