31 March, 2008


Well it's April 1st, April Fool's Day....the most useless non-holiday on the calendar. Probably I only feel that way because I can't stand having practical jokes played on me. Playing them on somebody else? Maybe. But on me? Grrr....So you will have no April Fools prank from me. Har.

In the spirit of it being a new month though, Mr. J.* and I have decided to go on a refined-sugar fast until the end of the month. Or more accurately, until the 27th, whereon we will celebrate six years of mostly wedded bliss with a grand cake of my own invention (details to come). So this means no sweet treats of any kind. Now before you write us off as crazy, we have done this before. For a month in 2006 and I must say, we felt really good by the end of the month. It was, well, not quite amazing, but close.

This comes on the heals of my March goal which was to get some form of cardiovascular exercise on every weekday, which is snow small feat when one is living on the frozen tundra. Thankfully, if one can be truly thankful for such things as SNOW, I was able to get in a few days of shoveling as part of that exercise.

My Mom is joining us on this venture (She's been on a health kick as of late, going to the gym and everything. I'm proud of you, Mom!), which made me think that I should blog about this goal because if I do then a) I have something to blog about and b) I have all of YOU to help keep me accountable. Not that Mr. J and my Mom can't help with that, but Mom is a few thousand miles away and Mr. J. and I together can come up with all kinds of justifications. Hm. Perhaps some of you would like to join in our little sugar fast? Let me know in the comments and I'll make it a point to come and harass you regularly.

We're actually kind of excited about this fast. After the glut of Christmas, Valentine's and most recently, Easter candy, we are getting almost - dare I say - sick of chocolate and candy. A sign that we are almost sick of the candy is that last night - our last night of sugary freedom - we hardly ate any. The only candy I ate yesterday was a caramel Cadbury egg, which, granted, is gargantuan, but oh so tasty. Mr. J. and I have decided that the Cadbury caramel egg contains the best mass-produced (so this excludes some of the really good creamy caramels you find in fancy chocolate shops, or shoppes if you prefer) caramel available; the perfect mix of sweet and salty. Then, right before bed, it was a mad rush to stow the candy (in a zippy bag...in the bottom of the freezer....in the back......be right back.........just kidding) and have one last swig of Sprite before dumping the rest down the sink.

Okay, so....farewell my sweet sugary friends. Farewell cookies and chocolate eggs and brownies and cinnamon buns. Farewell homemade puddings and anything resembling cake. I'll see you in 27 days. Well, 26 after today.


And can I just throw in how annoyed I am with telemarketers?!?!? We added our phone number to the National Do-Not-Call Registry. So you would think that we do not get called, right? Wrong. In actual fact, just yesterday, we got a call at 9:35 PM. Yes, at NIGHT.

Me: Hello? *pause* Helllllloooo?

Evil Telemarketer: Can I speak with Mrs. J. please?

Me: This is Mrs. J.

ET: Oh hello, Mrs. J. canItalktoyouforafewminutesandhowareyoutoday?

Me: Not that great actually; it's 9:35 pm here and it's a little late to be calling.

ET: (In the snottiest tone you can manage, please) So can I talk to you or not?

Me: No! You MAY not!

And then she hung up on me. Harumph! So rude!

Well it turns out the Little Goat is now awake and I haven't even showered yet and I have an appointment at 4 so....see ya!

*Yes, after more than a year of blogging and almost six years of marriage, the best I can come up with is "Mr. J." But I can't think of any clever nickname that doesn't automatically give away EXACTLY what his profession is blah blah blah.


Jess said...

Damn her for hanging up on you before you got a chance to do the same thing to her! Gah!

Also, you said "snow easy feat" instead of "no easy feat." Amusing pun or Freudian slip?

bren j. said...

Total Freudian slip. I noticed after I'd written it....but it's true so why change it? :)

nomotherearth said...

We got a call at 10pm and I was livid.

Will you blog about how much weight you lose on this fast? That might make me want to try it. Otherwise, I'm a total sugar-whore.

Brenda said...

i so need to do that. sugar is the bane of my existance. but i'd probably starve otherwise. I'm off to eat a cupcake.

Kellan said...

Mr. J. was cute!! I am very impressed about the sugar fast - really! I can't do it - not now, but I can see doing it. I went on Weight Watchers a few years ago and realized quickly that I had to eliminate all sugar and all beef in order to lose the weight, blah, blah, blah - It felt really good when I was off all the sugar - really.

Have a good Friday, Bren - see you soon - Kellan

Jenn said...

How is the sugar fast going? It's actually a very good idea. I'm not sure how well I would do on something like that but I will consider it.
What do you find is the hardest to stay away from?

Kellan said...

Hey Bren - nice to see you today. Hope you had a good weekend - see you soon - Kellan