16 April, 2008


So today marks the Little Goat's 10-month birthday. "And how are you celebrating?" you might ask.

Well, the LG is sleeping the sleep of the medicated, she being in the process of cutting her other top middle tooth over these last few days. Mr. J. and I are exhausted having been fully immersed in the process (hellish chore?) of moving a friend of ours. Don't get me wrong, she's a sweet girl, it's just...well...it's kind of how I imagine it might be if we were moving an 80-year-old woman who had lived in the same house for 60 years and never thrown ANYTHING away.

I'm not so sure you'd call any of that celebrating...but we're too tired and in pain anyway.

Oh! Oh! I am almost ecstatic to report that our driveway is 95% snow-free! Our lawn? Not so much...but it has been above zero (Celsius, people, Celsius) and sunny for four days in a row now and we are LOVING IT. I've even been outside without a jacket on TWICE in the last couple days. To add to my amazement, on Saturday morning I woke up to that sweet sweet sound of Spring. Yes, mine eyes hath seen, mine ears hath heard...



Bryan said...

It's so much nicer up here in sunny Canada. There is almost no snow left on the ground, it's been really windy the last few days and things are drying up . . . all we need is a nice gentle rain to start bringing up that fresh grass.

Anonymous said...

Phew ! ! ! ! we were beginning to think that maybe you had fallen in a snow bank....You guys are tooo young to be so tired and sore from such a simple move......wait till we start! ! ! Do you remember Earnie's garage? Now that will make you stiff and sore and ache for a YEAR.....hang in there....sunny and warm here in B town, Snow predicted for Saturday

Beck said...

I saw my first Robin yesterday!

Kellan said...

YIPPIE for Robins and for 10 Month Birthdays!

Have a good weekend - Kellan

nomotherearth said...

But where are the pix of your newly minted 10 month old???