25 April, 2008

Look, Mom! I Did It!

My Mom makes THE BEST strawberry jam ON EARTH. (And don't anybody dispute my cause we may just have to meet Out Back if you know what I mean.) Every time we visit my parents, at the top of my To-Do List is: "Raid Shelves for Fresh S-berry Jam." (My brother, he asks for perogies...I ask for strawberry jam...um...among other things.) Similarly, when my parents come here to visit, Mom always brings along several jars of tasty tasty jam.

Alas, about three weeks ago, we ran out. The last jar in our stash finally ran dry. No more jam. I thought I could hang on until the next time we saw each other but when it actually sunk in that that wouldn't be until sometime this fall, Mr. J. and I swallowed our pride and *gasp* bought strawberry jam. Of course, since we're doing this (retarded) refined sugar fast for April (which ends tomorrow - THANK. GOODNESS.), we thought we should be 'good' and buy the 1/3 less sugar jam.

What were we thinking?! Ugh. It reminds me of jello with fruit in it and neither of us like jello with fruit in it.

Then it finally occurred to both of us that hey, we keep buying all these strawberries to eat fresh, why not try making our own jam? Duh. So, Mom, I did it. I made strawberry jam. And true to the culinary genes I've inherited, my jam is, I think, nearly perfect. Look!

Now, Mom, don't go getting any ideas. This doesn't mean that you can stop bringing me jam. It was probably just beginners luck or a fluke or something. Really. And yes, I will save you a jar. Hopefully. You better get here quick!

I also made some lime curd (hooray for long naps!) using a lemon curd recipe from Martha Stewart. I added a couple drops of green food colouring to make it look a little more limey and it is FANTASTIC. I could sit and eat it by the spoonful, but I'm saving it to use as the filling for our anniversary cake which I will create tonight and tomorrow for our 6th anniversary on Sunday.

Oh, and for good measure, I'm throwing in a picture of the Little Goat (because goodness knows it's probably been, like, two whole posts since you saw her last) who is now a pro at eating Cheerios on her own. Indeed, she is perfect and cute and Cheerios might just be her new favourite food. She's also waking up. See you all later!(Ignore the Home Clothes - we don't actually take her out looking quite so mismatched.)


Jess said...

Mmmm. Lime curd. And homemade strawberry jam. Mmm. Good thing it's almost dinnertime.

Anonymous said...

hey, thats great , did it really thicken enough like jam and not topping. and I need to get that lemon curd recipe. talk to you soon. our cutie for sure, doesnt take them long to learn how to eat cheerios.

Jenn said...

I love homemade strawberry jam too. We make the freezer jam recipe in the Certo box. I always thought it was this old family recipe until I was out on my own and asked my mom for the recipe. Doesn't it feel good to do things like that for yourself!?

erin k said...

Happy Anniversary!
Can't wait to see the LG next week. (oh, and you and Mr. J too, of course)

Beck said...

Good work, you! I always feel so magnificently womanly when I make jam.

EG said...

Hey, I posted after you on my own blog, but in case you don't check back...
Yes, Little Man's diaper cover is from Lands' End. Lucky you to have a girl, the pink/ purple fish tail one is SO cute! And yes, he has a standard disposable swim diaper underneath.
I kind of want to lick the screen seeing that lime curd.