10 June, 2008

And Baby Makes...7

I've been slacking. Can you tell? I wish I could say it's just because it's been so nice outside and we've been out playing, but it's been alternately sunny and windy or stormy and rainy since Saturday. We HAVE been busy though.

Saturday we helped out with a yard/bake sale hosted by some friends from church to raise money to help send kids to camp. Camp is a place close to my heart so anything we can do to help send kids to a summer camp - I'm in. The sale raised just over $600 which is about enough to help out 6 kids.

We've also been busy standing at the window watching our new neighbours. We knew there was at least one woodchuck living under our shed out back and we had lovingly nicknamed him Hans. Well, it turns out we don't have a Hans, we have a Hanselina. And Hanselina has FIVE babies! FIVE! WOODCHUCKLETS! Oh my are they ever cute! They aren't very big yet, maybe the size of a 1/2-gallon jug of milk. There definitely seems to be one bully amongst them and s/he fell off the shed ramp twice the other morning whilst play-fighting with one of her/his siblings. The first time we saw them which was Saturday evening, we had taken a bunch of pictures and were getting ready to leave them alone when, in broad daylight, a fox snuck around the side of the shed! Good grief we should call our yard a wildlife refuge and charge admission! And of course we took pictures which I will try to post soon but they are still on the camera.

Speaking of cameras, our point 'n' shoot digital is officially useless. We can view the pictures that are already on the memory card, but can't take new pictures or video. Mr. J. has a digital SLR but it's complicated and doesn't do video and mostly I don't know how to use it. This would, of course, have to happen mere DAYS before the Little Goat's VERY FIRST BIRTHDAY. *shakes head, stomps foot* So today, on his way home from work, Mr. J. will visit our 'favourite' Walton's Mart and pick up a new camera - not an expense we'd planned for, but Mr. J. has been working lots of overtime lately and we can't live without a camera so that's our justification.

What else is new? Well, the LG seems to be trying to fit in as many more firsts as she can before her first birthday. Last Thursday she got a new tooth and another one on Sunday, which was the same day she pulled up on the coffee table for the first time. Yesterday, she gave her first official kisses and took her first official with-help steps! So you see, we've been busy.

I've also been doing a lot of painting in the last couple weeks and we finally called the realtor who is coming over to meet with us next week and ohmygoodness we have so much to do before then! Gack - the clutter! Gack - the boxes! Gack - the general messiness of things and painting that still needs to be finished! GACK!

Oh yeah, and Kristi from Idaho (do you read her blog? Go! Read! Laugh! She writes for Cracked Magazine!) tagged me for a meme, so I shall strive to post that sometime this weekend, in between cake-baking and painting and throwing out papers and cleaning clutter and moving boxes and barbecuing and watching woodchucks and....


Jess said...

Oh no about the camera! But make sure to take photos of the woodchucks with the new one! And the first birthday, of course.

Brenda said...

Dude, wait. ARe you moving back north???

Jenn said...

Oh the first birthday. How exciting! And what's a first birthday without a camera?! It's a gift in itself!

Kellan said...

My mom had baby armadillos under her deck last year - made me come over and set a trap (cage) to catch them all and haul them off. That's what daughter's are for. I like the idea of baby chipmonks - cute!

Hope you found a good camera - I know I couldn't live without mine.

Take care and have a great weekend. Kellan