24 June, 2008

Strange but True

I feel like I haven't had enough time to blog lately. As I mentioned in a previous post, we've been working on a lot of painting and the Little Goat is getting ready to walk so her constant movement means less time to sit at the computer. It is also monsoon season here in Northern Maine. What? You didn't know we get a monsoon season up here? Well it's been raining every day for two weeks, so there! (Okay, all but one day.) Bah! The LG and I have been missing our daily walks. So much for my plan to walk two miles every day after the snow left.

Anyway, I now present to you some possibly strange but true facts. Hm. Maybe not so much strange as ridiculous or silly or revealing.

1) Wise brand cheese doodles are the "official" cheese doodle of the Boston Red Sox. Official! Cheese! Doodles! What the??

2) We now officially make our own yogurt. We do not have cows, but we make our own yogurt. It is cheap and fabulous and we are finding all sorts of new recipes that require yogurt and aren't we just the new poster children for digestive health?

3) Last Sunday, 22 June 2008, I shaved my legs for the first time since 05 May 2001. Yes, that's over seven years of hairiness. I'd been considering taking the plunge for a while and bought this "easy" and "gentle" waxing kit. On the advice of my best friend, I shaved the first time and will wax when there is enough growth. What's dumb about this is that 1) after seven years, I would've thought I could go at least a week before stubble showed up. Not so. Hmph! 2) I feel more self-conscious with shaved legs than hairy ones. My poor legs feel naked! Naked, I tell you!

I won't bother getting out my soapbox because I'm rather tired at the moment, but suffice to say, I don't think women ought to feel pressured to shave their legs. There are men out there (Mr. J. is evidence of this fact) that really, honestly, don't mind hairy legs. He has, in actual fact, been known to brag about it. I also won't bother posting pictures to show you the before and after. I could. But I won't.


Beck said...

I'm actually trying to remember to shave everyday this summer, but I went without shaving for a year, I think, when I was 20ish.

Jenn said...

Oh but I want to see the pictures!

erin k said...

Yogurt! You're my hero! Please send me an email with what method you are using. This is sooooo my next healthy eating goal.

Also, by my calculations, you had not shaved your legs for a year when you got married. That is very cool, Bren, very cool indeed. What made you decide to shave them now?

Kristi said...

So what was it that inspired you to do the deed? I'm very curious. I don't know if I could handle any extended period of time without shaving. To this day, my Granny tells everyone what a hairy little girl I was. Thanks, Granny.

Kellan said...

Since 2001? - ACK! I was on my back porch this morning and looked down at my legs and was appauled by the sight! I don't know when I last shave my legs, but I got up right then and ran to my bathroom - and shaved them!

Have a good weekend - Kellan

EG said...

Why did you go 7 years without shaving? Was it a religious thing or something? Did you shave your pits?

bren j. said...

Eg: Definitely not a religious thing as my best friend and Mom are/were both completely horrified by my lack of shaving. More of a 'I'm a woman and I can have leg hair if I darn well feel like it' sort of situation.
And yes, I definitely shaved my pits. Bacteria thrives in warm places, as you know and I think having hair there just makes that potential even worse. Legs on the other hand - that's not such an issue.
It's sometimes great for conversation though.....or just for making people feel uncomfortable and awkward because they want to ask but just can't bring themselves to. ;)

nomotherearth said...

I can deal with hairy legs - mine are often unshaved simply because I've forgotten - but hairy pits are not to be born. I can't get over that. Is is society or is it inborn - or a bit of both?? Hmm.