16 June, 2008


Ah, Little Goat. You are one today. ONE! We can hardly believe it!

You are crawling, pulling up, and walking with help. You are curious and loud and babbling away - we are expecting your first word any day now. Y
ou have lots of hair (although a somewhat questionable hairline) and six teeth. You're learning how to give kisses and you love to sit and read on Dad's lap. You love chasing the cats and 'petting' them or disturbing their sleep. You get so excited when Dad gets home from work - you bang on the windows and kick your little feet! You even get excited when the garbage truck comes around and Ed the Garbage Truck Driverman waves to you and honks the garbage truck horn.

You like books and dominoes, toys that shake and rattle, playing with anything you find in the recycling pile, and playing with the computer and the telephone! You hurry over when you hear the phone ring probably because you hope it's Grama calling. You like bathtime a lot and snuggling in with (or...crawling all over) Mum & Dad on Sunday mornings before church...which you also love! Some of your favourite people are at church and you have endeared yourself to everyone there, especially the little old ladies who all agree you are the 'cutest, sweetest and most well behaved baby (they've) ever seen and (they) can hardly believe how good you are!'

You eat lots of foods (Cheerios!) and you even tried scalloped potatoes and baked beans at your birthday party last night. And even though we gave you one of the icky organic cupcakes, you ate it anyway - and with such relish! And your favourite birthday present? A big shiny balloon from your friends Les & Debbie at church.

You aren't always happy though - you don't like when we hold you back from pounding on the computer keys. You're not a big fan of diaper changes; you don't seem to like grass very much and you do not like waiting for your dinner. But you are smart and beautiful and sweet and our most perfect gift ever and we can hardly get enough of you!

We love you, Birthday Girl!


Beck said...

Oh! That final picture just made my heart hurt.
Happy birthday, little girl.

erin k said...

Wonderful, beautiful.

Happy Birthday sweetie, from everyone at Whitekirk!

Kellan said...

She is simply beautiful!! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl - she's a little doll!

Have a good evening - Kellan

Anonymous said...

Yea for One!! Happy Birthday! She is a dear. I do have to ask though - how did you come up with the nic "little goat?" It is very cute :)

Brenda said...

I agree with Beck, the last pic is great. It should be framed:) Can you believe she's ONE? It seems like you just had her doesn't it? Congratulations LG! Welcome to your second year!

Jenn said...

She is so precious. I love the picture in the little white dress. So pretty!
Happy Birthday!!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Little Goat :)

nomotherearth said...

Happy Birthday! I can't believe she is one! It seems I just read a post where she was four months. Sigh. I never thought I'd be the person who keeps saying how time flies.