23 July, 2008

What's Going On Around Here.

As it turns out, something got messed up, numbers-wise, and that picture post wasn't my 200th post. Oh well. So much for that.

Firstly I should mention that ever since that one cry-it-out night last week, bedtime has not been a problem at all. One or two nights the Little Goat was probably just too exhausted to fight sleep. Anyway, that's been great so thanks for all your input/opinions about that. She's still getting up at night, but at least she's okay with going back to sleep. Naptime on the other hand.....

This past week/end was the Local Festival. On Thursday we went and participated in this scavenger hunt sponsored by a local hospital (Mr. J.'s competition). We walked around to all these different booths and picked up information about various things related (sometimes remotely) to healthier living and at the end got to enter our names in a draw for various prizes including a Wii Fit. *sigh* *sigh* *sigh* We did not win. Woe is us and alas, there is no new addition we'll call Wii. We did, however, finally discover the hours for the new community pool which is actually a very nice pool. They offer Red Cross affiliated swimming lessons for all ages but unfortunately, we'll be away for the two weeks they offer the parent/child class which costs a whopping FIVE DOLLARS. Oh well, Mr. J. (the Designated Swimming Lesson Parent) wouldn't have been able to participate anyway because the lessons were right over the lunch hour which is also the LG's naptime, incidentally.

Moving along. On Saturday we were hoping to go strawberry-picking in the morning but it had rained all night and we weren't interested in trying to wrestle the LG out of the mud for two hours, let alone keeping ourselves clean. We did a grocery run to pick up some things for a barbecue later that afternoon, came home and did some prep for said barbecue, then went back downtown to see a few exhibits. Mr. J. met two ladies who were busy spinning their own wool and now he thinks he knows what he wants for Christmas. We stopped for a sausage on a bun and a lime rickey (it was a church fundraiser so no, we weren't wandering the streets of ______ even remotely inebriated). Chris and Holly made it over just in time for the parade at one o'clock.

It was an okay parade except that there was only one pipe band and one marching band and WAY too many politically-inspired floats. Well, hm. Okay. Scratch that. It wasn't really that great of a parade at all but it was everything we've come to expect from a parade around here. You get the good floats that give out food (chips and vitamin water this year) and handily enough the parade route runs right by the end of our street.....but then there are way too many redundant floats. How many Miss ___ or Little Miss ___ or Junior Miss ___ or Little Miss Petite ___ floats do we really need? And for real?What, if any, is the logic behind a contest for little girls younger than 2?! And the political floats? GACK! Make them stop!

Our barbecue dinner on the other hand, was excellent thanks to the mad barbecuing skillz of none other than Mr. J. himself. After we ate, we went back downtown to look at more booths, but most of them were already cleaning up and it looked like we were in for some crazy downpour, so C&H went home and so did we. We spent pretty much all of that evening trying to watch a movie with the radio on in the background because there were either severe thunderstorm or tornado warnings practically every five minutes - most of them were for areas miles away from us, but I was still Freaking. Out. Fortunately, the worst we got was a heavy downpour. Phew!

In unrelated news, I'm considering entering some goodies in the county fair this weekend but I'm just not sure what to enter and how much I should try to do since I just got the premium book and all entries are due on Friday and Mr. J. is working a double on Friday so he will have to escape during his lunch minutes to go drop off our entries. Yes, I said "our" entries though I'm still trying to convince Mr. J. to enter his recently completed scarf in the "Knitting: Scarf" category. And also, at the fair, there will be tigers. From Germany. Last year, they had camels so tigers are a bit of a regression as far as I'm concerned, but still, they're tigers and they're going to leap through flaming hoops! Flaming hoops! If I can, I will post pictures. Also, THANKFULLY, the LG is not old enough for the pig scramble. This year, if you win the scramble, you actually get to KEEP the pig. KEEP. THE. PIG.

This has turned random and updatey and if I had some main point it's forgotten already. These next couple weeks are going to be busy ones for us. The fair and (still) painting (still!) and trying to get packed and ready to go on holidays.....I'm horribly far behind on reading/commenting on blogs, responding to emails, and returning messages on Facebook but I'm trying so stay with me people. Otherwise, have a great week and come back in the next couple days to see the recipe for Week Three of the WIU Challenge.


EG said...

I love an excellent rambling post! Congratulations on the sleep situation, and good luck with naps! I have no advice there, I'm lucky enough that Little Man usually kind of says, "Yes, I agree, I'm very grumpy and should sleep it off".

Mr J. wants a loom for Christmas?

I've never heard of a lime rickey, is it a delicious alcoholic beverage? Our town festival is in two weekends. We usually miss it for my family reunion but our calendars have aligned this year.

erin k said...

Well, make sure you actually enter some things in the fair, because it is the funnest. ever. (oh, pumpkin fair, where first place wins $3...)

Parades should consist entirely of Pipe bands, Marching bands, floats with food and floats that are actually decorated (we don't see those around here either. I don't care to see Mr. Mayor and Mr. MLA driving around with young women in convertibles.)

Brenda said...

Glad the sleep issue is working itself out. Sleep is soooo underrated. And I bet you could whoop Caroline Ingalls butt! You are so domestic!

Beck said...

Sleep is a HORRIBLY NECESSARY thing, as I always find out whenever we have a baby.
The fair! You NEED to enter the fair! I still have all of my prize tags taped inside my cupboard. It's AWESOME.

Jess said...

I'm glad the sleeping seems to be going better! More sanity for everyone involved!

J.Danger said...

ugh! we are having the SAME bedtime problem with our two year old. I put up a post about it. Tell me what you did!