10 July, 2008

Whip it Up Challenge: Week 1

As I mentioned, uh, I think it was yesterday, summer is the perfect time for trying out recipes that require little to no effort. Not only because we have this hungry little mouth around now - who hasn't quite mastered the art of self-feeding - but also because we have to hurry to eat so we can go back to parking our roasting sticky selves on the couch after bathtime and bedtime. (Less movement, less sweat, as you know.)

It's not unusual for us to try more than one new recipe in a week around here and this week was no different. I made quite a stellar variation of this key lime pie a few nights ago but decided not to submit that as my recipe this week because I never managed to get one 'perfect' piece of pie out of the plate without one of us inhaling it five seconds later.

So for Week One, I submit to you:
Pizza Pasta Salad.

Was the recipe easy to follow? Quite, but we made ours with the following 'alterations': We didn't u
se penne because we didn't have enough, so you'll notice from the pictures that we used fiori; we used one and a half big tomatoes, seeded; we only used three relatively thick slices of some sort of pepperoni or salami that Mr. J. picked out and it was perfectly spicy; and finally, we didn't use the mozzarella crumbles, we used about 1/3 cup of fresh mozzarella cut into cubes.

Did it taste good? Yup. Really good. So good that I'm not sending the rest of th
e leftovers to work with Mr. J. tomorrow. It didn't taste exactly like pizza, but that's okay. It was a hearty pasta salad, definitely good enough for a meal with a side of fresh veggies.

Would we make it again? It's very, very likely. Yum!
Here's a couple pictures because I couldn't decide which one I liked better.


RA said...

My husband and I were just talking about whether we could toss together a pasta salad with pizza-like ingredients! I'll have to see if we were on the same page as this recipe.

nancypearlwannabe said...

Are those the wagon wheel pastas? Very pretty.

Kellan said...

That pasta looks delicious and my hubby loves key lime pie. Love the darling picture!!

Have a great weekend - Kellan

A, B & C said...

Wow- this looks fantastic! We also made a lot of casseroles with big pieces so Love Bug had more success getting them in her mouth wtih just her fingers.

erin k said...

ummm, who is that BIG GIRL and what did you do with your baby?

nomotherearth said...

What a great idea for a salad! The Boy just might eat this. (Consume vegetables? Say it ain't so...)

Beck said...

That looks REALLY yummy.

"J" said...

Your pasta looks beter than the site you took it from!!!!

It looks and sounds GREAT!!!!!