24 July, 2008

Whip it Up Challenge: Week 3

This weeks recipe is nearly beyond the epitome of easy but it's been a busy week for some weird reason and - alas - my Great Amazing Meal Plan of the Century failed me. *gasp* I know! It's craziness, isn't it? It turned out that we didn't have all the ingredients we needed for one recipe and it also turned out that on Tuesday, not even a feat as incredible as a month-long meal plan could entice me to the kitchen to prepare something.

You might remember from the last post, that we spent some time exploring the various booths at the Local Festival last weekend. You may also remember that I exclaimed over the (virgin) Lime Rickey we consumed with lunch. We watched the pastor (it was a fundraiser for a local church) mix our drink so we had a pretty good idea what all was in it so we decided to try to replicate it at home. Now, beyond the usual assortment of snobby beer, we don't have any alcohol to speak of in the house at the moment, so our version of the Lime Rickey remains non-alcoholic. According to Drinksmixer.com, the appropriate alcohol to use is Angostura bitters, so if you're inclined then go ahead and add "3 dashes."

Otherwise, here is the recipe for the WIU Challenge, Week 3:

Lime Rickey:

4 ice cubes or more if you're inclined
juice from 1/2 of one lime

2 ounces simple syrup - more or less to taste*

soda water

In a large glass, deposit the ice cubes, lime juice and simple syrup. Add enough soda water to fill the glass. Stir with your straw and enjoy. Makes: one.

The Q & A:

Was the recipe easy to follow?
Well we made it up, so yeah, it wasn't too bad - just guessing until we got it right.

Did it taste good? It was brilliant! Just perfect for a humid summer day such as last Saturday, or Sunday, or Tuesday, or today. It's kind of like making lemonade, only with soda water which makes me think we should try making lemonade with soda water. Hm.

Would we make it again? I think you'll notice from the answer to the last question that it's already been made several times.

*To make simple syrup, which I'd never made before, measure equal parts water and sugar in a measuring cup and microwave 1-2 minutes or until sugar is dissolved.

The Lime Rickey: Sweet, sweet summer satisfaction.


RA said...

Ooh, it does sound refreshing!

Kellan said...

Sounds good - I'm going to have to try this!

Have a good Friday - Kellan

erin k said...

Sounds perfect. Lime must be the most refreshing fruit. Another summer drink that I've always wanted to try is a Mint Julip (sp?). One of these days...

EG said...

Like sparkling limeaid, brilliant!