26 August, 2008

The Trip Pics

For a limited time only:

See cake pictures here.

See fancy pictures here.

See regular trip pictures here.

And then forget all the names you just read, okay? Thanks. :)


Jodie said...

Oh Bren! Your pictures are beautiful!! The cake, the penguin, your sweet LG, all the pretty wedding photos!! I loves perusing! Thanks for sharing.

PS - I've already forgotten all of the names. :) (Except for your sweet LG's real name. Love it.)

So, is she walking yet??

EG said...

I'm totally friending you! (then you'll know my name and Little Man's name, too, don't tell)

Jess said...

Wow, that cake! That wedding! That child! It looks like a fantastic trip.

erin k said...


I love the pictures of LG with her Super Nana. They are priceless.

But why has she not played the piano before now, hmmm....?

(missing you guys.)

bren j. said...

Erin - no piano to play around here. :(

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! The cake looked yummy and gorgeous. I loved the photos of LG with her nose pressed against the glass, too. I got one of Anja like that on our screen door this week. :)

p.s. What's a peroshky?

Shalee said...

Those pictures totally rocked! You, my friend, will be called to make The Girl's cake when she gets married. Don't worry; I'm hoping that you have at least 10 years to wait for it.