08 October, 2008

Wherein I Eat Lobster.

Well since I've posted last, the bushy wall in our backyard has lost almost all of its leaves and I've had far too many of those moments when we drive by now nearly-naked trees, our hearts silently begging them not to give in to the tentacles of frost creeping up their branches during the night.

My parents left at 5:30 yesterday morning and we're very slowly getting back to our regular 'routine' (if you can call it that). I also realized a couple nights ago that I couldn't even remember what my blog looked like and I MISS YOU GUYS! I am so far behind on reading blogs I couldn't even bring myself to peak at my Google Reader list yesterday. But what can I expect? Just because we go on 'hiatus' doesn't mean all of you should too. Or wait. Maybe you should! Yes, that's right, Internets! Bend to my every whim.

Or not.

I have this long list of all the things I want to blog about (Jodie, you'd be proud!), but in the absence of my parents I am now required to provide three times the amount of attention and entertainment necessary to satisfy our Little Goat. Our teething Little Goat, might I add. Yes, Friends, she has cut six (I know! SIX!) teeth in the last week, so in addition to cooking up a storm with my Mom, golfing with Dad, and playing more Skip-Bo and Phase 10 than we have in the last year, sleep has been rather elusive. Last night we had a breakthrough though and she only had one 'false alarm' in the night that I didn't even have to go in her room for. It might've helped that I drank my cup of tea much earlier in the day too.

At any rate, first on my list to tell you about is our trip to Eastport. We had one day between my parents arrival and our departure for The Ocean, so we packed up stuff for the weekend and went through all the bags of goodies my parents brought - mostly Canadian honey and snack food that we can't get here (Oh, Old Dutch, how we've missed you!).
Last year when my parents visited, we went down to Bar Harbor for a weekend. It was quite warm and we all ended up with sunburns. This time, however, it was quite a bit colder, though still as beautiful.

We rented a little cabin with a perfect ocean view. We could see Canada across the bay and thanks to the LG, I almost caught a sunrise one morning. The LG slept TERRIBLY the entire weekend but we will chalk that up to the fact that it was so cold in our cabin despite the crazy (fire hazard) gas heater. A couple mornings, we even put the four burners on the stove on just to try to heat up the place.

Eastport itself doesn't have much to offer. We ate out once at a place called The Happy Crab and indeed, our own little crab could hardly stop laughing the entire time we were there. I think most of the patrons were relatively amused. At least she wasn't screaming. How can a laughing baby make people grouchy? The other thing Eastport is famous for is Raye's Mustard which is the only place in America still manufacturing stone-ground mustard. Hard to believe for such a tiny place, but we had a little tour and sampled almost every flavour they make and got lots of little 'made in Maine'-type souvenirs, including some really fabulous goat's milk soap that has eased the LG's skin irritation considerably.

We went down there on a Friday and stopped at this restaurant called Grammy's along the way (they're famous for their portion sizes) where I attempted to conquer the biggest plate of poutine I've ever seen! (I couldn't do it.) On Saturday, we took two cars over to New Brunswick. Mr. J. and I stopped at the Ganong chocolate factory and got some very tasty little fruit chews (yes, FR
UIT chews - how very unlike me) and two of the most amazing truffles we've ever tasted. My parents took the LG for the afternoon and Mr. J. and I went for 'high tea' at the Fairmont Algonquin in St. Andrews (by-the-Sea). It was really nice. Not quite as fancy as when we went for tea at the Empress in Victoria, but still nice. It's always weird to us going out places without the LG. We feel a little naked and almost somehow....not as 'special' because we don't have the cutest baby in the room. But it IS a good opportunity to practice our adult-conversation skills. Haha.

The rest of the time, we spent playing games, drinking hot drinks, trying to figure out how to use a really old gas oven, and just relaxing. It was great to be away for the weekend with not much to do. And because I know that pictures are worth a thousand words and you all want to see the weekend in pictures, I won't deprive you. I love you THAT much! *grin*

See you soon!

Almost sunrise outside our little cabin. (And then I went back to bed.)


The Little Goat and her Grampa.

Beady little eyes.

Having tea at the Algonquin.

Some of you may know about my 'Never Eat Crustaceans' Policy, but I broke it because that's what one does when one is paying $50 for high tea (once on each coast; we're done now). Those little sandwiches closest to the front have lobster in them. It was awful. Weird.

St. Andrews by-the-Sea.

Mr. J., me, Grama, Grampa and the LG by-the-Sea.

The LG by-the-Sea.Mount Katahdin at sunset.


Jodie said...

I AM proud! And also a little jealous of your high tea.

And six teeth in one week?! Good gravy! Who can sleep in that kind of agony? (No one apparently, huh?) One teething child keeps the whole house awake. :)

Guess you won't be breaking your crustacean rule again huh? Lobster can be weird. Sometimes I like it, sometimes not.

That cabin sounds wonderful - except for the part about sparse heat. You already know cold is not my friend.

And I totally relate to getting some adult conversation practice. :) We've gotten so accustomed to eating quickly that it's hard to slow down when it's just the two of us.

Also, I would totally go on hiatus to make your life easier. I totally would. Except that I'm so addicted and it would get really ugly for my little family over here. So you understand, right?


(glad you're back! I was excited to see you have a new post up today!)

EG said...

That's funny, I have an "always eat crustaceans" policy.

I'd be interested in hearing about what kind of goats milk soap you got (as in, is it from somewhere that has mail order?) The autumn has me on a quest for the perfect goat's milk soap.

Jenn said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Isn't it great when the folks come to visit!? Your little LG is looking so adorable. And have I missed something or is she walking now??

Brenda said...

I'm jealous of high tea too! It looks beautiful there. So glad you are back to blogging though!

Beth said...

We missed you!!!! Glad you're back. Wow 6 teeth in one week! Poor thing - but at least you got it over with all at once.