22 December, 2008

Making Up for Lost Time

Okay, so maybe just this once, the weather people weren't exaggerating because good grief! It's cold, it's blowing, and we got about a billion inches of snow last night. The weather was still fine when we left for the church Christmas concert and supper at 5 but by the time we were headed home at 6:30, it was already coming down. And it didn't stop until sometime, well, no, wait. It started up again.

Luckily for us, Mr. J. was on call last night! Oh yippee. The ER called shortly after five this morning to warn him that they would be calling in less than an hour because the EMTs had just gone on a call. So we hauled ourselves out of bed at 5:30, got more bundled up than I care to be and headed outside. SO. COLD. *chatter*

We dug just enough to get one car out (some of the drifts out there were past my waist) and Mr. J. left for work. I was not very happy about that because if it had been me, I would've called in and said, 'see you Tuesday,' but I don't feel the need to take risks in bad weather and be any kind of hero. Anyway, he called later and he had made it in so I guess that's good. Let the knitting party commence!

The Little Goat and I just stood by the window for a while watching the neighbours use their snowblowers. Sadly, a lot of the snow on the next-door neighbours driveway is, mostly because of the wind, now on our driveway, but I've been excused from further shoveling duty today so I'll take advantage of that. I really don't know how much snow we got, but most of you know that despite being born and raised in Manitoba where there are, in fact, many snow-loving people, I can hardly stand the stuff - at least not when it's snowy AND cold.

I'm too lazy to go take more pictures now, but I'll leave you with a few from just after our shoveling this morning.
Pardon the fact that the light is bad and you can hardly see through the snow stuck to the window.

Snow stuck to the front window.

There are three cars on that driveway.


Jodie said...

Wow! That is ALOT of snow. I retract any former comment about wanting to be neighbors. I do NOT want to be your neighbor. :) Unless, of course, it's somewhere closer to the equator... much closer.

Beck said...

It's COLD COLD COLD here, too - but we haven't been hit with that massive snowstorm that seemed to be everywhere else this past week. I think we're supposed to get some this week, though. Oh boy! Just in time for Christmas travel!

Kellan said...

Oh, I do love hearing about the snow, but I know it is difficult to live with when you have to get out in it and go to work and all! Enjoy it just a little bit for me!

Merry Christmas, Bren - to you and your beautiful family.