23 December, 2008

Some Not Really Good News at All with a Tiny Silver Lining

So my Mom is sick. I don't want to go into too many details because she's at liberty to share that information with whom she will share it. Suffice to say that she has been sick for a while but only recently diagnosed, and will be having major surgery either at the end of January or the beginning of February. This didn't really come out of nowhere, yet we still feel caught off guard. You know the 'it's supposed to be somebody else's parent' feeling? Yeah, well, it's not supposed to be my Mom, dangit!

There is a tiny silver lining though and that is that the Little Goat and I will be making the trek Home (HOME!) for a few weeks to help out after the surgery. The LG will hopefully cooperate in providing positively delightful (hint, hint, Kid) entertainment so I can get supper on the table. And yes, Dad, I expect help and I expect you to rinse your coffee cup and also I don't clean bathrooms. Hey, I just want to lay our services out on the table before we get there.

Please be in prayer for Mom as she prepares for surgery - that God would give her both grace and peace about the process AND that she won't go crazy being off work for several weeks!

Love you, Mom! We've already started a list of everything we're bringing home.


Abbey said...

Sad news! We'll be praying for your Mom. I'm glad that you can see the one positive in all this. Going home is great and I know it will mean a lot to your family to have you there. We'll be thinking of you on your travels!

Bryan Neisteter said...

Really sorry to hear about your mom's health -- I'll be praying.

Shalee said...

Praying already. If you can give specifics privately, I'll pray them, otherwise, I know that our good Father already knows the needs and will cover them in full.

Jenn said...

I'm sorry to hear your mom isn't well. I will keep her in my prayers. That is so wonderful that you will be able to go and spend some time with her.