16 June, 2009

Birth-Day(s), For Sure and Maybe.

If I didn't procrastinate so much, I would've written this lovely sentimental post about how much we love our LG and how much we're enjoying her at this age. She's a little smarty-pants and her vocabulary has really taken off since we moved here. Clearly, this means the Canadian air is doing something for her and she fancies Manitoba enough to talk about it. Brilliant!

But here we are and it's her second birthday today and I'm doing nothing but having contractions and LJ stayed home from work today and the midwife has already been here once this morning and should be calling back in less than an hour.....so either the LG will end up thinking this is the best or the worst birthday present EVER. That is, if I can get past three centimeters sometime today. Argh!

Anyway, here are some pictures from her birthday party on Saturday and from after church on Sunday, modeling the cute, cute, CUTE outfit my Mom made for her. Seriously, try not to drool over her cuteness, okay?

When we bought the duck, she was kissing it in the shopping cart. Here,
her poor cousin can't figure out why she's screaming - HE loves the duck!

And of course, since she doesn't like the duck squirting water and doesn't want to
swim in her new turtle pool, why should she enjoy wearing her swimsuit either?

My attempt at a 'clock' cake. She knew what it was and it was darn tasty!

Eating the cake.

Checking out her new watch - a present from Sibling XX.

Excited about her doll house toy from Dad & Mama.
(We're so glad she got this right before the baby gets here because she loves it!)*

In her new outfit that Grama made. There are matching bloomers and a little knit jacket
with blue flowers on it too. How ridiculously cute is she?!

*And yes, that would be my near-to-bursting belly in the background.
That's the best shot you're gonna get so enjoy it.


Jess said...

OK, the clock cake is adorable, but why isn't it pointing at the two?

Brenda said...

Love the cake idea!!! What did you do for her first?

Your belly doesn't look that big! I had to squint to see you back there. BTW, are you near a big box store like Target or Babies R Us or somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Fun birthday, except for the duck, of course. :)

So glad that LG is loving Manitoba as much as you do! And hoping to hear some big news soon!

Beck said...

She's such a cutie. I'm glad she had a nice birthday.