15 June, 2009

On Notice

So I'm putting you all on notice this morning because I'm having irregular contractions or something. I am SO not good at timing these things and this is the first step in the online instructions I found:

What you will need to time contractions:

  • A watch or clock with a second hand
  • A pregnant woman having contractions

Yes, helpful, indeed. I can still talk through them. I'm just sitting here emailing and facebook-ing.....This is annoying, no? The waiting?


Jess said...

The waiting definitely sounds annoying! I can't believe how soon it's all going to happen! Also, I love how the pregnant woman having contractions is included in the list of necessary materials.

Anonymous said...

Exciting! Husband wrote me a spreadsheet for timing my contractions, where all I had to do was click my laptop mouse button when they started and click it again when they stopped. That was handy, since I labored through the night and tried to rest in my bed between contractions.

EG said...

Ooh, look at this website!


{Jodie} said...

The waiting is the worst but at least it means that's the itching is almost over!! :)

Yay, I'm excited!!

Brenda said...

Awesome! Hope it's fast and safe and as pain free as possible! Sending lots of vibes for a nice open cervix your way;)