12 June, 2009

It's June. And Yes, it Has Been for a Couple Weeks Now.

So I'm not ignoring you guys. In fact, I miss you all quite a bit. I'm still trying to catch up on blogs from the beginning of May (wow, have I missed A LOT!).

No baby to report yet, just ridiculous amounts of itchiness that is like a form of madness. I had an oatmeal bath last night and was still scratching the entire time I was in there. Today I'm trying to ignore it (not working) and have a series of anti-itch lotions lined up on the bathroom counter.

I'm thinking today would be a great day for a baby. It's Friday and as you know, "Friday's child is loving and giving...." PLUS it's the 12th and that's a nice even-numbered day. I'm not superstitious about numbers, I just have always had some sort of inexplicable beef with odd numbers. Not only that, but my parents will be here by suppertime (the Little Goat's birthday isn't until Tuesday, but we're celebrating tomorrow) so you see? Perfect birth-day!

Anyway, there isn't much else to tell you right now. We went to the fair in my hometown last weekend and it was COLD. The LG enjoyed the (thankfully, indoor!) petting zoo though and while we would've thought the little ducks would be the highlight of her day. However, her favourite animal turned out to be, of all things, the TURKEY! Such a hideous looking thing. Really, who looked at that and decided "Hey look! Dinner!"? <- That is one awful mess of punctuation, isn't it?

Anyway, here's a picture from the Friday evening we arrived there and tried to take the LG on the play structure in the park behind my parents' house. She was NOT impressed with the sand. *sigh*

Much like her mother, she is not amused by the idea of spreading dandelion seeds all over the place.


Brenda said...

Oh my gosh, her face just screams, "my parents are such losers!" I bet that face will be around a lot in her teenage years! Take it easy and I'm sending you some no itch vibes. That's crazy!

EG said...

She has grown up a lot since you last posted a picture!

Anonymous said...

I agree with EG--she's gotten to be such a big girl!

We've been facing the same weather issues here. Husband told me last night that this is the coldest summer "snap" on record in MN. Sigh...