20 October, 2007

Musical Musings

Erin over at Whitekirk tagged me for a Music Meme she made up. That's right - she started her own, which makes me think I could start my own sometime too. What I need to write is The Complete Menno Meme, but I don't know enough other Mennos or MennosbyAssociation who blog to make it worthwhile so maybe I'll come up with something else. Or maybe not. I'm babbling so we'll get on with it.

What song is in your head?

Gack!! The minute I read this, the song that popped into my head was The Wassail Song or A Winter Wassail or whatever it's called. I'm such a geek.
Here we go a-wassailing among the leaves so green....

Those might be the lyrics. Then again, they might not be, and that might not even be the song title, because certainly while one might go "a-wassailing," it is in fact an activity closely related to Christmastime and would the leaves still be green? I'm not sure. I suppose on the leeward side of southern Britain....

What is the newest album in your collection?

Oh, Gravity, by Switchfoot. I got it sort of by accident but I’m glad I did – I love it!

What is the top album on your wish list?

I like Erin’s suggestion of the Three Musical Fables. Really, I don’t have any on my wishlist, which come to think of it, IS rather surprising. I have some CDs sitting in my music club cart which I suppose would be on my wishlist, but since I can't even remember what they are....oi, this is pathetic.

What is the most recent live music event you have attended?
Oh boo!! I live in the sticks. The most recent live music event I’ve attended is church! Hah!

What is the top live music event on your wish list?
Living around the East Coast, there’s a ton of events I’d like to go see but they're usually a) too expensive and b) too far away. There’s this precision pipe and drum group from Halifax called Squid playing in Fredericton on the 28th of October, but that’s too far to go, plus taking the LG along...

What are the top three albums currently in rotation at your house?
This is embarrassing.

  1. Switchfoot. Well, okay, that one's not embarrassing.
  2. Is it Time for Bed Already? Or something like that. One of the CDs the LG got. I don’t mind it because it’s actual instruments as opposed to some of that Little Einstein keyboard uselessness.
  3. Kids' Praise 2, featuring Psalty the Singing Songbook and since it's a copy of the performance we did at my church about *choke* 20+ years ago, it also features my friend Jeffrey who was missing his two front teeth at the time. If you know who Psalty is, congratulations, you are old!
As for tagging other readers...Erin already tagged the ladies who read my blog the most so I'll tag some 'newer-ish Friends.' I think I'll tag Beth over at Beautiful Day, NoMotherEarth (because with a baby due in a month, it's not like she has anything else to do; and I'm going to go out on a limb here and tag BubandPie, who may or may not have a million other memes waiting to be done (popularity has its occupational hazards, I think). Thanks, Ladies!


nomotherearth said...

Mr Earth would be a better person to do this than me - he's the "album" buyer - but I'll give it a go. I hope I don't embarrass myselff...:-)

nomotherearth said...

I spell good.

bubandpie said...

I'm meme-free right now, so the only problem with this one for me is how truly embarrassing my listening habits are.

erin k said...

I love Psalty! We had a tape of Kids Praise 3 when I was little. Too fun.

Thanks for doing this!

Beck said...

You mean that there are musical events that don't happen in churches?

nomotherearth said...

Ok, I did the meme. And yes, it's embarrassing.

Beth said...

I did it! Thanks for the tag!