31 October, 2007

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Is that the sound of angels singing??

Last night, Tuesday, 30 October 2007, the Little Goat slept 'through the night'

Oh, Friends, it was BLISS. I fed her at 8:30, we had bathtime and winding-down time at 9, fed a little after her bath and at roughly 10pm she was laying in her crib (she was awake when she laid down). We did not hear a peep until 4:08 AM. Then she came in with us (good thing, because her little feet and hands were rather like icicles), she ate, and she's still sleeping at 6:30, and hopefully all this sleeping won't wreck the schedule I've come to enjoy in the mornings. (May I also mention that she had a one-hour nap in her own crib yesterday afternoon too? )

The first half hour of OUR sleep was that tense sleep that parents sleep after they've just FINALLY gotten their child to sleep in her own crib and they're waiting on pins and needles with knots in their stomachs nearly panicking every time they hear one tiny little house-creak or moan, terrified that their Little Goat will awaken. But
we had such a great sleep and I couldn't be happier at the moment. So picture me, grinning my best Cheshire cat grin!


Beth said...

Wow, Congratulations Bren! That is a GREAT milestone. I think Madeleine was around Little Goat's age when she started her great sleeping schedule - like 8 hours at a time! It lasted about a month :)

Beck said...

That first through the night is like MAGIC, isn't it? congratulations!

erin k said...

Yay! It's crazy, though, that feeling of wondering when they're going to wake up...

bren j. said...

Beth - what?? do you mean this won't last?? oh, boo! *pout*

Beth said...


Who knows? It might. I thought we had turned the corner and were finally going to get some good sleep. The kid keeps us on our toes. The past week she's been sleeping really well - like 9 hours a few nights! I'm not getting my hopes up that it'll last though!

Karen said...

sleep begets sleep! congratulations and enjoy it!

bubandpie said...

Such a good use of html in this post.