19 October, 2007

Other Great Fall Events

It seems I forgot to mention a couple of important happenings which occurred during the duration of my parents visit!

1) The Little Goat got a new bouncy seat to replace the one we had on loan from friends and it's great! It has NO lights, optional (but of course, annoying) sounds, five reclining positions, and FOUR places to hang toys from! It came with two great 'action' toys and two plastic, water-filled things that look like teething rings, but we've replaced one of those with 'The Car Keys.' So far, the Goat loves her new seat! Particularly the bear toy with rings on the bottom.

*Sorry if you can't see the picture.
It's the wee goat fast asleep in her seat.

2) Did I post a while back about the possibility of the Husband getting a sort of promotion at work to start cross-training into a different department? Well, I hope I did otherwise when I tell you that he got the job, it won't mean as much. So guess what!? He got the job!!! They had done interviews the Wednesday before we left for our Bar Harbor holiday and somebody from the department came to talk to him later to tell him that they would let him know by the end of that day. But then somebody else from the same department came and told him that they couldn't actually tell him until Monday. Well when we got home that Saturday night, there was a message on the machine from the Husband's new boss to tell him that she had good news about the job! Then on Monday, they made it official! He is SO excited and I am SO proud of him! He's already been in the department a couple days this last week and will hopefully be able to get on some sort of training schedule soon. In the meantime, he's studying hard for his Advanced Cardiac Life Support class this coming weekend. Good luck, (Husband)! I know you can do it!

3) Oh yeah! Almost forgot - I found $200! Woohoo!!


erin k said...

Yes, I can see your picture! Congratulations The Husband on your promotion. And how do you plan to spend the $200 you found?

ps I tagged you...

Beck said...

I see her! She's so sweet!
Yay for the promotion! And yay for the mystery $200!

bubandpie said...

Whoa - $200 is some find!

Bub loved the Ocean Wonder lights, so I was quite taken aback when Pie hated them - she was all about the toys she could actually touch and bash around.