12 October, 2007

In Which I am Sunburned...In October

My parents left on Tuesday morning and ever since, it's been grey and cold and rainy outside. How fitting.

When my Mom (a.k.a. Magic Grama) was here, the Little Goat took a nap nearly every afternoon thanks to Mom's persistence, so Tuesday and Wednesday this week were fine. Yesterday? I think she 'napped' for 15 minutes. I just don't have the patience to sit and rock in that chair for that long! Additionally, the Magic Grama, in a combined effort with the Husband, had marked success in getting the Goat to take a soother! Woohoo! In other baby-related updates, the Little Goat is getting more smiley and giggly every day. She has to be growing with how much she's been eating lately, but she seems pretty content.

While my parents were here, we took a little holiday down to Bar Harbor for a weekend. It was crazy-full of tourists but a really fun little place. Friday afternoon, my parents took the Little Goat so the Husband and I could have an actual date! We went out for coffee (at a place conveniently owned by some folks from Seattle so we knew the coffee would be good), went out for dinner at this great little pub called The Thirsty Whale (do whales really get thirsty?) and then went mini-golfing at a Pirate's Cove mini golf place! We haven't been mini-golfing in ages and it was the "Golf Pro's" day to lose! By 13 points! HAR!

On Saturday, Dad & the Husband went on a Lighthouse Cruise while Mom, the Little Goat and I sat in the park and ate lunch and just enjoyed the warmth of the day. That was all AFTER we had sat by the pier all morning soaking up sun and watching cruise ship tourists come ashore whilegetting sunburned!! Yes, every one of us got sunburn. In October.

[I had more to say but I was just horribly distracted by a Dairy Queen commercial advertising a PUMPKIN PIE BLIZZARD! My mouth is watering!]

Here are some pictures from our trip just because everybody loves pictures, right? (Okay, and because I can't remember what else I was going to say.)

To the left of the pumpkin is a bizarrely skinny watermelon.

Acadia National Park & a view of the Atlantic.

Rocks on the beach.

Bill & Bob's ice cream shop - famous for homemade Lobster ice cream.


erin k said...

Sorry, I just deleted the non-post with your comment on it. I was having some troubles. Also, I can't see your pictures. I think blogger is having problems today. I will check again later and hopefully I can see them then...

Beck said...

I can't see your pictures EITHER, but it sounds like a lovely visit!